The reaction the zinc metal with iodine shows straight combination, decomposition, recrystallization of sublimed I2, and also electrolysis.

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Zn(s) + I2(s) → No Reaction

Zn(s) + I2(s) H2O→ ZnI2(aq)

Zn2+ + 2I- → Zn + I2  


Mixture the Zn + I2 prior to water is added.


Iodine vapor is developed when water is added. ZnI2 is formed.


Filter contents to isolate clear, colorless ZnI2.


ZnI2 is poured right into petri dish to submerge copper wires native DC power source.


When power is connected, Zn and I2 crystals space formed.

To command Demonstration

Mix Zn and I2 in a dry beaker ~ above the overhead projector (no reaction).Add 40mL the di water a bit of a time with ventilation (copious violet fumes that iodine).Stir the mixture well and filter. To water filtrate into the petri dish (clear, colorless solution).Connect copper wires to the DC source. Location the wires in the petri food so that they are well-separated and also immersed in solution. Rotate on the power supply. (Amber coloration at anode, zinc build-up on cathode).

Demo Time: ~4 minutes


Perform in a well-ventilated room to prevent breathing iodine vapors.

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Tested Demonstration, J.Chem.Ed., 1965


John Ohlsson, feather 1987Reformatted by Lora Ruffin and also Michael Polk, Summer 2009


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