I had actually parked my follower at one inn with a bunch of beneficial items that ns didn"t want to carry. I guess I have actually been the end a little bit too lengthy as this blog post appears:

Your follower tires of waiting and also leaves.

There have been other situations where mine follower has actually mysteriously disappeared as well.

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How can I find my follower once they get up and leave or disappear right into thin air?


When a monitor mysteriously disappears, over there are among three things that have happened:

They"re dead. Sorry. If you desire your stuff, you"ll want to find where lock died. If she was through you increase to simply recently, backtracking shouldn"t be too difficult.

They bugged out. This one"s pretty straightforward to resolve: get in a new area or fast travel somewhere. They"ll be right behind you.

They walk home. This is what the message refers to. Return to where you picked them increase originally: in the situation of Lydia, that way Breezehome (if you"ve purchased it) or Dragonsreach in Whiterun.

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For PC, girlfriend can go into console commands (get come the console by pushing the tilde key, which is ` or ~ on your keyboard, usually under the Esc an essential and to the left of the 1 key):

prid moveto playerThey acquire lost a lot for this reason I perform this a lot. I simply memorize the RefID. Prefer for example, Lydia"s RefID is a2c94 and also Iona is a2c93

So for example, to move Iona come me, I placed in:

prid a2c93moveto playerSometimes, you have to enter it twice. Like this:

prid a2c93moveto playerprid a2c93moveto playerSometimes, they might have died. Climate you should resurrect them. So execute this:

resurrectprid a2c93moveto playerNOTE: if girlfriend resurrect them the will eliminate all your inventory! If they had actually items, it"s better to go to a previous conserve where they have not died!

NOTE: If you push the up-arrow on your keyboard it goes to regulates you typed previously. However, once you near the game then your command background is erased.

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Followers will certainly wait for you up to 3 days at the location you instructed castle to.

Once her 3 days are up, you"ll obtain the "Your follower tires the waiting and leaves" message, they will return to the location you originally "hired" them from.

In case of Housecarls, choose Lydia, they will certainly either go back to the keep in their respective cities, or her home in claimed city (assuming girlfriend purchased one).

In instance of mercenaries, they"ll just return to the bar/inn/where-ever you hired them from.

Friends that become your companions return to their hometown and continue their daily NPC cycle.

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Nevermind. It seems that the follower just goes home where you have the right to recruit them again. The monitor still has all items.

In instance of Lydia:

Lydia will simply go earlier to Dragonsreach. Or Breezehome

If you usage mods, the seems possible for the follower to end up in other places. After searching for hrs I once found Lydia in prison by lastly using console command to teleport to her. I believe that this was an result of Ultimate monitor Overhaul mode for PC.

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Console commands

If you"re playing on the PC, try teleporting your follower to your ar through console commands. This is easier and also faster (no loading screens) than going to her follower"s location and getting the or her to follow you again.

Console regulates to teleport her follower to the player"s existing location:prid moveto player

prid targets an reality - her follower in this case. Search for your follower"s RefID at the UESP wiki"s "Followers" article.

(Another an approach to target rather of using prid is to open up the console and also then click on an entity, this will instantly do prid for the clicked entity. However, this technique won"t be beneficial in your case as the monitor is not near your vicinity, and can"t be clicked on.)

moveto player move the target entity near the vicinity the the player.

Your follower should now be close to you ~ doing this. If for part weird reason, they are dead (happens sometimes), use the console command resurrect 1. Your follower have to go ago to life.

If for one more weird reason, your follower is quiet not close to your vicinity ~ doing this, they may have been "disabled" from the game (might take place with NPCs that are long dead), making castle not appear in the game. Kind enable in the console to remedy this. If your follower still isn"t up, form resurrect 1 again.

More information on console commands at the UESP wiki"s "Console" article.

Platforms that perform not assistance console commands

This is to include to the other answers, which suggest looking for your followers in their default locations, favor where you originally hired them, or your homes, complying with their default NPC schedules.

If girlfriend can"t uncover them in your default locations, also look at the jails the the various cities or holds. Solution in Lydia goes come jail suggests that followers have the right to be arrested and jailed. If arrested, they will certainly make the prison their brand-new "home."

With the Hearthfire DLC, if you"ve made her follower the an individual steward of among your houses, climate look for her follower at the house.

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If you"ve recruited your follower to sign up with the Blades, then look because that them at skies Haven Temple.