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Young Thug Jeffery Download + Album Review

Young Thug Jeffery Download. No, My surname Is Jeffery is what ns would call a diverse album, Jeffery aka Young Thug can actually carry out it all. He has stamped his sound once it comes down to to sing over trap Music, he constructed his own lane & climate finessed it! The very first song ns heard from No, My name Is Jeffery was Guwop, ns was shocked as soon as I observed the album cover, regardless of knowing that he has actually worn dresses and other female clothes before. So now I’m not surprised, but like I stated I to be shocked. The looks like Raiden (Mortal Kombat) blended with mar Poppins.

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I wasn’t expecting that, it next tracked me because that a minute.

The very first Song i Heard from No, My surname Is Jeffery

When i did play Guwop my an initial thought was that Young Thug is going because that number 1, and my second was whereby is Gucci Mane on the track. Ns heard Young Scooter, Quavo & Offset yet no Gucci. The song is DOPE, that wasn’t a huge issue to be fair, but the truth that Gucci was missing I noticed the there is running template throughout the album.

Young Thug/Jeffery Background

Young Thug captured my attention a couple of years ago, the featured top top a song with Gucci Mane (Breakdancing). Jeffery had actually a fire flow earlier then and also for some reason I imagined him as being a absent Star, quite than a rapper. Young Thug is indigenous Atlanta wherein the southerly Trap sound rules heavy, he’s been putting work in like crazy indigenous the get go!

The theme Of No, My surname Is Jeffery

There is an in its entirety theme transparent the album, every one of the tune titles room names of influential people. The location of the song look attractive to the eye, i think the Jeffery is very smart v his marketing/promotion strategies. You can see what I’m talking around when if you look in ~ the monitor listing:-

1. Wyclef Jean2. Floyd Mayweather3. Swizz Beatz4. Future Swag5. RiRi6. Guwop7. Harambe8. Webbie9. Popular music Man10. Choose Up The Phone

Except because that the critical two, every one of the song are named after someone famous. For instance track 7 (Harambe) is named after the Silver ago Gorilla who was shot & killed, in ~ a zoo in Cincinnati. A bystander filmed the incident and uploaded the video onto YouTube, Harambe go viral and also that is when the debate started. There were teams of people who felt upset that Harambe was taken from his countryside (Africa), come live in the American zoo, where he met his death. A lot of of world were unhappy about the incident.Apparently, Harambe was one of Young Thug’s idol’s also.

Songs the Stand out From No, My name Is Jeffery

The track the stood out to me to be Guwop, I choose the melodic vibe, sonically the sounds an extremely pleasing come the ears. Quavo, offset & Young Scooter are perfect because that the features, specifically Young Scooter and Quavo. Lock sound favor they are totally in their element. I had actually to repeat the song prefer 3 or 4 times. One more song the stood out to me was Wyclef Jean, it was an ext so that the vibe and also structure the the song. It reminded me that Reggae music! Young Thug is yes, really going for it, if the carries top top dropping product like what’s top top his album, in the following 5 years Young Thug will certainly be in a solid position in his music career.

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Overall Thoughts around No, My surname Is Jeffery

There weren’t any kind of sagging/lacking songs on the album, the flowed from one track to another really well. Support & inspect out Young Thug Jeffery Download “No, My name Is Jeffery”.