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Baby I"m Yours is a nu-disco and also funk song made through producer and DJ Breakbot special vocals from Irfane. Since its release, the song has actually been featured in countless Vines, usually including a bass-boosted or ear rape version of the song after the line "change mine state of mind, love so tough to find."


Breakbot, the alias of French producer Thibaut Jean-Marie Michel Berland, first released the song as a solitary on February 15th, 2010 top top Ed Banger Records, v vocals from Christopher Irfan Khan-Acito, also known together Irfane. The single would encompass remixes and the B-side "Make friend Mine." The track would be rereleased ~ above June 21st, 2010, and also would later be included in Breakbot"s debut album By your Side. Top top June 9th, a music video, special surreal watercolor imagery, because that the song was uploaded by Ed Banger documents to Youtube, getting over 48 million views in the following 7 years (shown below).

Two year later, the tune was acknowledged as an inspiration for Bruno Mars" disco fight "Treasure." Breakbot and Irfane were credited as writers to avoid a lawsuit.


In 2016 on Vine, a video featuring Eric Wareheim that Tim and also Eric acquiring hit through a car set to the music thrived popular. Together the video begins, the song deserve to be heard beginning faintly, however when the automobile hits the man, the track suddenly it s okay louder and more distorted.

Various other videos of similar content (people getting into unfortunately events) or just civilization dancing come the song started appearing on multiple other sites such as YouTube.



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The song was well-known in dispersing the Ladies and Gentlemen, We obtained Him meme, as numerous videos provided the quote in your remixes. On august 4th, 2018, YouTuber LEGEND uploaded a environment-friendly background template video clip featuring the Bremer clip paired with the audio native the song, through the song loudly distorted in ~ the finish (shown below).

On July 23rd, 2018, YouTuber Dolan Darker uploaded a video entitled "PEWDIEPIE gained LIGMA", in i m sorry PewDiePie asks around the an interpretation of the hatchet Sugondese after i beg your pardon the Bremer clip is heard (shown below, left). The very same day, an additional edit was uploaded, special Tyler "Ninja" Blevins inquiring around rumors of his fatality from ligma in an Instagram comment (shown below, right).

breakbotnu discoear rapeirfanefunked banger recordsthibaut jean-marie michel berlandchristopher irfan khan-acitonu-discodj breakboteric wareheim
The image originates from a little-known 2008 comedy skit by Keith Hanshaw and took off as picture macro in 2015, proceeding to gain vapor since.

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