Our moon is for this reason fascinating, and there are so countless cool methods to learn about it! youngsters can discover the different phases that the moon, develop craters top top their own version, and even do moon-inspired art.

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Kids room activities are few of our favorite methods to accumulate a love that learning and also an interest in the galaxy. Your child will love the town hall anastronaut analysis in space and may even want to grow up to it is in one someday!

Learning about the moon can be fun and also interesting with simple space crafts and activities for kids.

Learn around The Moon

My tiny one is constantly interested in wherein the moon is and when that is “going to sleep” and also “waking up.”Here’s a preschool activity to aid learn around the different phases of the moon because that kids. This consists of a cost-free printable because that you to use!

Learn just how to do moon sand by combine corn strength with constant play sand. This is a really interactive task that you more than likely want to take outside!

Make a fun room play mat! these mats are a wonderful addition to the pat room and provide hours of funny for tiny explorers.

Explore just how to make moon rocks with ingredients from her kitchen cabinets. This sensory task to a an excellent way to get children excited to learn around the moon.

Plant a moon garden to reap as kids observe the phases of the moon. You can visit the garden a different times to document your findings.

Check the end the NASA photograph gallery because that a look at cool moon pictures and also other space images. My child couldn’t think that few of the picture were in reality taken v a telescope!

Kids will certainly love trying out the moon at house with activities designed to aid them find out what it’s choose to in reality visit the moon. Check out the surface ar in a rover, make moon sand, develop your own craters, do footprints prefer astronauts, and also so lot more!

Moon Crafts That are Out that This World

A giant document mache moon can be the perfect science fair project. Via Jacks and also Kate

Spark a reaction the your youngsters will never forget by creating a moon through fizzy paint! via little Bins for small Hands

Make a gorgeous work-related of art v this moon craft influenced by Eric Carle from inspiration Laboratories.

The texture of this tin silver paper moon handmade looks so cool. Via make Film Play

Even beginners can create this watercolor moon painting from 3 Dinosaurs.

Here’s an additional fun method to repaint the moon — this time using tin foil. Via A Dab of Glue will certainly Do

Use pom-poms or noodle balls come create colorful dimensions that the moon’s surface. Via Crafts ~ above Sea

Homemade puffy paint is an additional fun texture to include to moon arts and crafts. Via merganser Day Mum

Phases the the Moon because that Kids

Make your own phases that the moon puzzle that your kids will love. Construction paper, poster board, and a marker is all you require for this handmade from What execute We perform All Day.

Kids can create watercolor paint of the various moon phases to display what they’ve learned, v this activity from Chalk Academy.

Use an north salt container to do a moon step viewer come project various moons onto your ceiling v this idea native What carry out We execute All Day.

Learn about the moon with hands-on tasks including fizzy painting, making your very own moon rocks, and building her own version of the moon.

Why space There Craters in the Moon?

Make your own moon craters through a funny gross motor activity from Pre-K Pages.

Let kids construct a model of the moon native clay and give it properties to enhance the moon. Via Gift that Curiosity

Teach students just how craters in the moon are created with a an easy lesson native I have the right to Teach mine Child.

Bring excitement to a study unit top top the moon with some engaging tasks for the class via A work in first Grade.

Perfect for aspiring astronauts, children can endure the feeling of wade on the moon through this task from heat Upon Learning.

More Sun and also Moon Activities

Learn about the differences between day and also night v a handmade by Non-Toy Gifts.

Channel your inner mad scientist and make fizzing moon rocks from little Bins for tiny Hands.

Get youngsters outside with a moon rock hunt from obtain Your holiday On.

This lover moon switch craft would make a fun keepsake. Via The Adventure Box

Children’s Books about The Moon

– ns Took the Moon for a to walk (Board book) -This is a great introduction story about the moon for younger kids. Perfect as a starter book for kiddos (ages 2 and also up).

–National geographic Kids first Big book of space (National Geographic small Kids an initial Big Books) – This is a beautiful book that concentrates on the Earth, moon, sun, solar system and a lot an ext (ages 4-8).

–If You decide To walk To The Moon -There is a really an excellent message around the moon and Earth in this publication (ages 4-8).

–The whatever Kids’ Astronomy Book: Blast right into outer an are with stellar facts, intergalactic trivia, and out-of-this-world puzzles – Learn around the sun, moon and the Milky way (ages 7 and also up).

–Faces the the Moon – This book really concentrates on why the moon changes shape and also the roll light plays in it’s transformation. This is perfect for youngsters who have actually a fascination v the moon and also for those who simply want to learn much more (ages 6-9).

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– A Child’s introduction to the Night Sky: The Story that the Stars, Planets, and also Constellations–and how You Can uncover Them in the sky – It’s a great introduction to astronomy and stargazing (ages 8 and also up).

We hope you have lots of funny learning about the moon, whether it’s at residence with your youngsters or in a classroom surrounding by students!