All my recent doubts around the 2nd season that WW have been blown away by the fourth episode of the 2nd season. It also makes me vaguely worried around the rest of the season, this illustration being favor a mini-finale within the franchise, revealing a huge bombshell well prior to the time I intended it! spoilers ALERT: READ only IF YOU have actually SEEN THE EPISODE!

Why the lengthy faces?


We begin this episode v a loop, or much more precisely through a broken record. We are in a circular level where a male exercises, drink coffee, masturbates, smokes and also seems to be wait (un)patiently because that someone to show up when listening to the track Play v Fire through the rojo Stones. And also it’s nobody else 보다 James Delos, played through his usual flair by Peter Mullan.

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Time is running out.

The human being he is wait for is Young William, who has actually even brought a whiskey bottle to storage Delos’ relax from his “treatment”... Or is he? Delos does not seem the cured and healthy after all as shortly as he starts come blabber and fidget. It i do not care clear the the relation between those two has advanced quite a bit due to the fact that we last observed them together in illustration 2: the disciple is now in regulate of the entirety company. Could he be maintaining Delos prisoner? Things are not the clear...

Don"t asking me, dude.

The next key strand of stare of that episode then unfolds… Bernard has escaped the mayhem and chaos that the hope Fort assault thanks come a Ford-controlled Clementine. Freed, that finds the end in a cavern the much-alive and also revengeful Elsie who, if you remember, he had actually choked up. I confess, ns had completely given up her for dead and also didn’t expect her come come back. She seems fairly in a good health thanks to the protein bars, however not really ready to pardon Bernard. She has a lot of things to record up with, the the very least impressive being the her previous boss is in reality a host! and also moreover, who seems to recognize a lot of - there is no realizing it - like… a super mystery lab no one had actually heard about before?


The 3rd and final narrative strand of that episode pertains to the Old William: still in search of his video game in the Ford-written game, he ends up in ras Mudas, wherein - of every places! - the remnants that the Confederates spared by Teddy at the end of critical episodes have taken refuge.

Confederate standoff.

The first and 2nd narrative strands ultimately coalesce exquisitely when Bernard and also Elsie control to break right into a super-secret compartment of the lab. The is in reality the specific circular flat in i beg your pardon James Delos is death time while… the scientists of the park room figuring out a way to make his conserved soul/memory/identity stick come his published out body. Regrettably for him, a “cognitive plateau” is proving too lot to overcome and also Old william has ultimately had enough with this tiny experiment and also decided to cancel that after the 149th attempt.

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It’s a breathtaking revelation. Mine money to be on the reality that the park was purely a method for Delos to do money with the recollection that data indigenous the guests. The answer was to acquire immortality and beat Death!

Good project Bernard!.

Death turns out together a large theme of the episode and Old wilhelm is in ~ the facility of it. Very first with the Confederate officer, who he dispatches, exhausted of hearing him boast about having coming back from the dead (thanks come Dolores) and second when that realizes that his job with James Delos is there is no hope and also agrees come let him… die, or more precisely degrade. That feels like in between both of this decisions, we view the Black man coming into his own, and also starts to accept Death. And also the Indian chief that whispers those good words in ~ the ear the Ashley (welcome ago Ashley!) is most likely the one closest to the truth about Death:

I want that phrase on my tomb!

As if it was not enough, the illustration concludes v a troubling flashback whereby we have the right to see boy name taking some drastic decision to for sure a “mind” and also letting the Black man meeting up with a young mrs who might be … his daughter? possibly it to be the military he needed all along!

Who goes there?


I guess the the authors of WestWorld must have actually quite a lot of material to attract from if castle have damaged that vast bombshell ~ above us during the fourth episode! Anyway, it raises also substantial questions: was william patrolling the park over and also over just to save tab ~ above the advance of his pet project? how much of that knew Ford? What is the various other mind the lab was functioning on?


Am ns the just one to think the Zach McClarnon dram both Akecheta and the Ghost country leader that whispers right into Ashley’s ear?WestWorld is much far better when Dolores is not around, right?Is that little mind golf sphere what Charlotte is after?How does Ford regulate so countless hosts throughout the park? has he controlled to get rid of the cognitive plateau?


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