Love is an alleged to it is in kind and also patient. Love is an alleged to it is in caring and amazing. The way you loved me was none of the above. The means you love me, wasn"t love at all. It to be painful. It to be draining. It to be horrific. You attracted me in with what I thought was a charming personality, yet turned the end to it is in manipulation. You lied from the very very first day ns met you. You ruined the girl that I usage to be.

You do me believe I to be crazy and insecure. You stated its only you, she an ex one she lied and also cheated on me and also I to be finished through that relationship. Currently looking earlier she probably was faithful and good to you, you were describing yourself, not her. As soon as I caught on to her lying, you would hide her phone so ns couldn’t see that she had texted you and also you quiet were dating her. If I brought it up to you, you would scream and get mad speak I have to stop accusing you of points without proof. You would certainly manipulate me to think i was seeing things and also that that was every in my mind.

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I wasn’t enabled to hang the end or even talk to other friends without you reasoning I to be cheating or talk shit about you. You would go v my computer, mine phone, and read my private messages around how ns was hurting due to the fact that of you and would threaten to leave me forever if I ever before did the again. Once you captured me as soon as again talk to a friend v Facebook, you held a baseball bat and also said you had a gun the you to be going to damage my new car. Ns was forced to keep my feeling in and feel fully alone and that i was wrong for what i did, once in fact, ns was 100% normal and in the right around what ns did.

You to be emotionally abusive and destroyed the photo I had of myself. As soon as there to be a fight and also “I” did something wrong, you when said, “You’re a psychotic irrational maniac who requirements to be placed down favor a fucking dog.” You called me a b***** c*** w**** and also so ~ above every time there to be a fight. Also “You should go rot in hell through your mother.”

You didn’t simply manipulate me; girlfriend manipulated your parents together well. After ~ one night that ns finally dubbed you the end on lying and cheating now with 3 different girls, girlfriend threw me versus the ground and then organized me down by mine throat. I scratched her face and also screamed since I can not move. I tried to contact the police, and also you kicked a door down and broke my phone. You told her parents that i punched you and broke my very own phone, and also probably due to the fact that you manipulated them because that so long, they thought you. This no the just time girlfriend physically harmed me either. Friend drew earlier on me one time while i was having a panic attack, because it was “annoying” to you, and also you simply wanted come shut me up, is what friend said. You endangered to also kill me ~ above occasion and told me you to be going come beat me up.

What made me laugh looking back is every the times you apologized because that abusing me. You would say it to be just since I to be mad, i didn’t median it. It won’t occur again. You said this as well me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And for every little thing reason, I believed you every single time, only for friend to begin the cycle earlier over and do it anywhere again.

4 years of abusive actions has finally involved an end, I have finally reduced you off for good. Ns am still the crazy one, i am quiet the one you try to revolve all our friends against, yet even they know how huge of a liar you in reality are. As I am certain the lies will never stop in your life, I recognize they have actually in mine. I am no longer having panic attacks, due to the fact that you to be the main resource of them. To the other girl, i hope you realize what he has actually done come you also. Friend deserve far better than him, you deserve someone that will be ethical to you and not speak poorly of girlfriend behind your back. Ns don’t great you the best but I likewise don’t wish you well. I only recognize one job you will certainly stand in prior of God and have to describe yourself to him. I might never it is in the human I was before I met you; i can’t lie and say ns am okay ideal now, since I am not. However it no hurt as lot as it use to.

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