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Steve indigenous Ottawa, OntarioThere is one error in the lyrics, quickly after the opened verses.The line \"Or sing\" is incorrect. It\"s actually \"Danser!\", i beg your pardon is the French verb definition \"to dance.\"Nickster indigenous Minneapolis, MnBeavis and also Butthead watched the video, top Butthead come comment: “He keeps speak he have the right to dance, but it’s like, he can not dance!”Jerry indigenous Obx NcThe song was prominently mentioned in an illustration of Futurama (Episode 53: \"Future Stock\"). Phillip Fry renders the comment: \"That dance wasn\"t together safe together they stated it was.\"Will H native Washington Stateyou forgot biodomeLance native London, unified KingdomAs if us hadn\"t \"spotted\" guys without hats songs in sufficient places ns even discovered them in a 2004 scifi publication titled \"Death the a Sanitation Engineer\" by Bob Pellerin. Transforms out Bob saw McGill University and so did several of the males without hats members (Ivan ns think). There\"s a snapshot of the author with Ivan ~ above facebook. Walk anyone know what the song \"Girl with the Silicon Eyes\" is about??? I\"m guessing it\"s not around the scifi book\"s character becoming an android. LOLEsskayess indigenous Dallas, TxThis song was fun; \"Pop walk the World\" also moreso.Susan from Airdrie, AbI\"d love to know where in England lock filmed the video. Absolutely gorgeous!!Phillipo indigenous Montrea, QcThe band had actually a talented keyboardist named Alan McCarthy later fired in a lineup shakeup a pair of years later on as the 2 brother (who were likewise constantly feuding) to be the only ones who stick in every incarnation. McCarthy to be suspected by a few to have actually been critical in coming up v the sound that this ditty as he had a ferocious aptitude for the gizmos forced for together music. He passed away of AIDS a couple of years after.James Wilson native Trenton, NjThis song was stated on an illustration of the medical comedy \"Scrubs\". If ns remember ideal Turk was to sing this and then his wife, Carla, complained come Elliott Reid around it.Juan indigenous La Mirada, CaIn south Park, butter dances come this tune in the homage come the 80\"s illustration entitled Ass-pen.Chase native Miami, FlIf you notification all the men in the video clip are put on hats and band members appear periodically in the backround without hatsSamuel from Peoria, Belgiumgreat songBilly from Perris, CaThis track was likewise featured in household Guy together a distraction to party guests.Robert from Houston, TxIn the sci-fi collection Futurama, lead character fry observes that this dance wasn\"t as safe as everyone stated it was.Mark from London, EnglandA shaped photo disc the this was released, v a various version the the track on the A-side and a brand-new song, Security, top top the flip.see an ext comments
Won\"t acquire Fooled AgainThe that

\"Won\"t acquire Fooled Again\" by The that is around a revolution, however it doesn\"t have a happy ending, because in the finish the brand-new regime becomes similar to the old one. Pete Townshend believed that whoever was in power was destined to come to be corrupt.

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Whip ItDevo

Devo obtained the idea for your \"Whip It\" video from one article about a guy who owned a dude ranch and charged civilization to clock him eliminate his wife\"s clothing with a bullwhip.

work-related From HomeFifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony to be going to call their song \"Work,\" but they adjusted it to \"Work native Home\" once Rihanna exit a song with that title.

Pump up The JamTechnotronic

The woman \"singing\" in the video clip for Technotronic\"s \"Pump up The Jam\" didn\"t speak English. She was used simply for she look, and additionally appeared ~ above the album cover.

I\"m A BelieverThe Monkees

Neil Diamond originally wrote \"I\"m A Believer\" for the country artist Eddy Arnold. He was surprised once record executive Don Kirshner happen it rather to The Monkees.

Deep In The love Of TexasPerry Como

The look at inoffensive song, \"Deep In The love Of Texas,\" to be banned through the BBC when it was released in 1942. They considered the tune too catchy, through authorities in wartime Britain involved that factory workers would certainly be distracted if they heard it during a shift.

The Girl in that SongFact or Fiction

Billie Jean, Delilah, Sara, Laura and also Sharona - do you know who the girl in the songs yes, really are?

Rush: Album through Album - A Conversation v Martin PopoffSong writing

A talk through Martin Popoff around his latest publication on Rush and how that assessed the hundreds of albums he reviewed.

track Titles That motivated MoviesSong creating

Famous songs the lent your titles - and in some situations storylines - come movies.

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Dar WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

A popular modern folk singer, Williams still remembers the sticky note that adjusted her life in college.

Petula ClarkSongwriter Interviews

Petula talks about her hits \"Downtown\" and \"Don\"t Sleep In The Subway,\" and also explains her Michael Jackson connection.

Adam Schlesinger the Fountains that WayneSongwriter Interviews

The guy who lugged us \"Stacy\"s Mom\" likewise wrote the jane Lynch Emmy song and Stephen Colbert\"s Christmas songs.