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Membership Criteria

Individuals applying to end up being members of the Alpine Rescue Team shall:

Not it is in an active member of another volunteer organization that offers emergency clinical services or search and also rescue services, or both. Approval for twin Membership might be applied for after ~ the applicant has end up being a member of Alpine. Dog Handler candidates through Search and also Rescue dogs of Colorado (SARDOC) may apply for membership and maintain their membership through SARDOC.Not have actually received or been subject to any kind of suspension, discontinuation or various other disciplinary action while serving as a member of another EMS or search and rescue agency, unless the board of directors approves a waiver of such requirements following a determination that the disciplinary action and its associated circumstances carry out not at the time of application for team membership administer evidence of actions which is detrimental come the team and its objectives.Be required to administer a perfect application, which describes the applicants areas of interest and background which supports their usefulness come the team.Have signed a copy of the Membership commitment signifying lock will:

Adhere come the By-Laws the the Team;Adhere come the Policies and Procedures of the Team;Adhere come the code of values of the Team.

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* because that individuals using for Field active membership:

Not have any kind of limitations, which would stop qualification together a support member of location Support-3 (S3)Have the personal equipment forced for qualification as a assistance member of rank Support-3 (S3).

*For individuals using for combine or technological Specialist membership:

Be compelled to go v a 6 (6) month probation duration prior to gift voted on the Team.Associate members chandelier be recommended by the President and the associate member Manager and approved by the board of Directors.Technical specialist members shall be encourage by the field Director and the standard Rescue Rank and approved by the plank of Directors.Current Team members that room requesting a membership readjust to associate or technological Specialist are not required to go with a probationary period.

Transfers right into Alpine Rescue TeamParticipation in ours Prospective Member food is strongly recommended because that all new members. However, individuals who have actually served 2 year in good standing with another Regular Member Team native the Rocky Mountain an ar of the hill Rescue Association deserve to submit an application to waive the need of authorized in the Prospective Member course. Castle must encompass a letter of recommendation from the work leader that their former team.

Individuals requesting a transport to the team must have a recommendation from the field Director and Qualified Rescue Rank and also approval of the plank of Directors. The applicant have to be chosen to membership in accordance with write-up III that the bylaws.

Dual MembershipMembers might receive approval to sign up with other volunteer institutions that carry out emergency clinical or search and also rescue services, detailed they accomplish the complying with requirements:

The member shall it is in in an excellent standing with Alpine Rescue Team, having met every attendance requirements for the past 12 months and also maintained the skills required of your rank. Twin Membership shall have actually been encourage by the ar Director and the standard Rescue Rank and approved through the board of Directors.

Factors that must be thought about include, however are not limited to, the following:

Benefits come Alpine Rescue Team result from this twin MembershipTime of business in Alpine Rescue TeamLevel of commitment and also attendance throughout Alpine Rescue Team functionsLevel the commitment and attendance forced by the various other organizationPossible disputes during features involving both organizations

Members who use for and do not receive approval for dual Membership may reapply for dual Membership no more often than when every 12 months.

Annual member ReviewThe membership evaluation for membership category requiring an yearly review chandelier be carried out in the first quarter of every calendar year.

Prospective MembersEach year the ar Director and also the default Rescue location shall recommend to the plank of Directors for approval even if it is or not the Team shall hold a prospective member food the adhering to year and the number of brand-new applicants that will be admitted right into the food by the very first Board that Directors conference of the fourth quarter.

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