Welcome come ugandan-news.com! Our award winning educational gamings website offers lots of fun, learning-based activities for kids in grades K to 5. ugandan-news.com uses 1000+ games that space interactive, educational, and that support necessary skills while promoting fun. ugandan-news.com tasks are compatible v grade levels K-5 and carry out opportunities to improve material retention and also increase success in the classroom.

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turtle Diary provides a distinctive blend of education and also entertainment to produce the best interactive finding out platform because that your little ones. The kids" quizzes readily available on our site permit children from very first to fifth grade to end up being confident in using learned concepts, and grant instant evaluations.

Free education Games

ugandan-news.com provides 1000+ games that are interactive, educational, and also that children love come play. ugandan-news.com consists of multiple learning-based games for kids that support necessary skills while fostering fun.

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Our website has over 500+ online quizzes included, enabling children from very first to fifth grade come become much more confident in using learned concepts. Lock can also receive prompt evaluations. Our funny quizzes give kids the opportunity to receive positive feedback together they master new skills and also build their expertise base.

Educational tools for parents & Teachers

ugandan-news.com provides assessment tools and also detailed reports for teachers to track students’ activities and come report their progress. Because that example, us offer:

Google journey Integration

Our application offers a seamless integration v Google drive, so teachers can accessibility current or previous google drive documents and also integrate without leaving the program.

Google great Integration

Teachers have the right to login to ugandan-news.com using their existing google account and using a straightforward process, income their existing google classrooms into ugandan-news.com, saving time and teaching resources.

Student monitoring Tools

Our app offers several management functions that simplify and also streamline procedures for administrators and educators in a top-down approach.

Account Login

There room a couple of ways to access ugandan-news.com:

Using ugandan-news.com Login Credentials: Teachers and also students each receive their own accounts so share passwords is not necessary.

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Using your Existing Google Account: Teachers deserve to login to ugandan-news.com using their present google account.


Our dashboard provides an easy-to-use user interface to access the ugandan-news.com program and also all its offerings. Native the dashboard, teachers can control classes and update college student details, easily adding students or creating classes, as needed.

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