We room adding much more educational sources every day for teachers and also homeschoolers that room teaching preK-grade 6. Excuse our "dust" as we move into high gear!

our site contains interactive finding out activities, quizzes, and also worksheet generator devices by topic (creative arts, foreign languages, language arts, math, science, social studies), articles, proficiency coloring pages and also more.

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an innovative Arts

Christmas colour Pages

Alphabetical perform of color Pages by to teach Theme

December teaching Themes

Winter colour Pages

Fun Christmas coloring Pages

Religious Christmas color Pages

Hanukkah coloring Pages

Kwanzaa colour Pages

New Year"s night Coloring Pages

Presidents through December Birthdays:

President Martin valve Buren colour Pages

President Woodrow Wilson coloring Pages

President Andrew Johnson colour Pages

December Statehood Anniversaries:

Illinois colour Pages

Delaware coloring Pages

Mississippi coloring Pages

Indiana colour Pages

Pennsylvania colour Pages

Alabama colour Pages

New Jersey coloring Pages

Iowa coloring Pages

Texas colour Pages

Letters the the Alphabet color Pages

ar Helpers coloring Pages

president Coloring Pages

U.S. Geography Coloring Pages

American history Study- Revolutionary war Coloring Pages

Christmas Crafts part sample Christmas craft tasks - fun for Christmas!
Holiday photo Ornament handmade
Reindeer Gift Bag craft
Gingerbread picture Ornament handmade
Religious Christmas Crafts part sample spiritual Christmas craft jobs - funny for Christmas!
Jesus Loves you Snow much Craft
Jesus Warms My heart Ornament craft
spiritual Candy Cane Ornament - baby Jesus handmade
Hanukkah Crafts some sample Hanukkah craft tasks - fun for Hanukkah!
Star the David authorize Craft
Hanukkah photo Magnet craft
Star of David picture Magnet handmade
Winter Crafts some sample winter craft jobs - funny for winter!
Tissue record Snowman handmade
Popsicle rod Snowman handmade
Tissue record Mitten craft
Art and Interactive color Pages
Interactive record Dolls
Shape arts
Foreign languages
The foreign Language area consists of Spanish games, Gaelic reading and also Gaelic Games, polishing games, and American sign Language (finger spelling). Tasks use sound and repetition to teach numbers, counting, colour and an easy words.
ASL (American authorize Language)- Finger order
Gaelic (Ireland)
Spanish ESL ESOL ELL EFL Games

Teacher resources incorporate vocabulary indigenous worksheets by object unit, dolch word activities, word family members worksheets, alphabet worksheets and printable poetry and stories for the classroom. There is a growing electronic library of books made by kids.Be sure to check out the LEARN-TO-READ "READTO ME" books.


Math sources for teachers. Math systems are broken down by strand: counting by 1, 2, 5"s and also 10"s, counting backwards, addition and subtraction, Geometry and also shapes, Measurement, Temperature, counting money, informing time, Fractions, Patterns


Find interactive online science resources by themes. You can learn around The Solar System and also Planets, Oceans, Plants, Seasons, Weather, the human being Body, Animals, Ecology, Light, Magnets, and also Energy.

Social research studies

Social Study resources that reinforce history, culture, geography, economics, and also civic understanding. Background activities include timelines, holidays, family members changes, and historical figures of the united state (Presidents, Presidents" wives, martin Luther King, Jr. And also other leaders).

U.S. Presidents color Pages

Creative Arts has resources that aid reinforce the creative side of children. They deserve to color, develop music, dress a virtual paper doll, or make form art.

Educational Articles, Stories, and also Research below you will find educational articles and research documents on assorted topics. Write-ups have to be categorized by object as ideal as possible, yet many touch on multiple topics.

Always try our search if friend don"t find exactly what you"re looking for. The short article search energy will return ALL short articles that cite a particular keyword phrase.

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- Homeschooling
- back to School - just for Kids
- Bilingual Education - Literacy
- classroom Management - Math
- early Childhood - Parenting
- ESL Education - Science
- Gifted Education - society Studies
- health Education - one-of-a-kind Education

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Holidays and
Teaching Themes

December Teaching tasks & Worksheets

- Winter
- Christmas Fun
- Christmas - spiritual Christian Christmas
- Hanukkah
- Kwanzaa
- brand-new Year
- various other December to teach Ideas

Sample Thematic activities & teaching Ideas

- letters of the Alphabet Games
- community Helpers
- The 100th day of School tasks
- Summer
- Fall
- Winter
- Spring
- Presidents
- Read across America - Dr. Seuss" date of birth
- indigenous American Study
- U.S. Geography

vacation Fun- alphabetical

- 100th work of institution
- 4th of July
- 9/11 - Patriot Day
- April stupid Day
- American love Month
- Arbor job
- armed Forces day
- Ash Wednesday
- eastern American and also Pacific Islander heritage Month
- earlier to institution
- Bird job
- Black background Month
- Chinese new Year
- Christmas Fun
- Christmas - spiritual Christian Christmas
- Cinco de mei
- Columbus Day
- structure Day | constitution Week
- Dental wellness Month
- Dr. Seuss date of birth
- planet Day
- Easter Fun
- Easter - religious Christian Easter
- election Day
- Epiphany
- loss Activities
- Father"s Day
- Fire safety and security Week
- Flag Day
- fourth of July
- Graduation
- Grandparents Day
- Groundhog"s Day
- Halloween
- Hanukkah
- Happy new Years night
- hispanic Heritage Month
- Kwanzaa
- labor Day
- Leap Year
- Mardi Gras
- martin Luther King, Jr Day
- might Day
- Memorial day
- Mother"s Day
- nationwide Day of Prayer
- indigenous American Study
- new Year
- One Hundredth job of institution
- Passover
- Presidents job - U.S. Presidents
- St. Patrick"s day
- spring Fun
- Summer
- Super key Sunday
- Teacher evaluation Week
- Thanksgiving
- Valentine"s Day
- Veteran"s Day
- Winter
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