Interactive writing provides the writing process visual come the totality class. Reading literature is terrific way to initiate interactive creating in the class, and the teacher can continue using literary works as the course does interactive writing through any new book the is read throughout the year.

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The kindergarten teacher starts interactive creating in her course by creating "Today is …" top top a item of graph paper. She asks for a volunteer to take it the pen and write the day, i m sorry she has actually written on a sentence strip and also clipped to the optimal of the chart. Michael raises his hand and the teacher offers him the pen. He comes forward proudly to take it and carefully starts to create "M" for Monday.

The teacher share the writing suffer with young college student on chart file or a whiteboard that is big enough because that the whole class to see. Students participate by providing the teacher principles and additionally by "taking the pen" and also writing words, phrases, or sentences through the teacher"s guidance. Enlarge students deserve to participate in shared and also collaborative writing as well (Button, Johnson, & Fergerson, 1996; McCarrier, Pinnell, & Fountas, 2000).

Reading literary works is wonderful way to initiate interactive writing in the class, and the teacher can continue using literature as the class does interactive writing through any new book the is read throughout the year. The teacher can begin with what is happening that day in class, or a holiday, or a special occasion in the school. Subject could likewise be any kind of idea of interest to the student or any interesting event that has actually occurred: a brand-new class pet, a one-of-a-kind activity, a guest speak that went to the class, a ar trip the course went on, a readjust in the weather (e.g., it rained, snowed, or the was sunny for a change), or miscellaneous special taken place to a son (e.g., they took a trip, have a household visitor, or participated in an after college activity).

This strategy could be modeled ~ above the very first day of school, and also it could proceed to be offered throughout the institution year everyday or several times a day, through other books read aloud during the mainly or other topics of interest to the students. Mini-lessons can be provided to teach writing conventions in the authentic writing context of interactive writing.

English Language art Standards

Strand 6. Students use knowledge that language structure, language conventions (e.g., spelling and punctuation), media techniques, figurative language, and also genre come create, critique, and also discuss print and non publish texts.

Source: indigenous "Standards for the English Language Arts," by the worldwide Reading association (IRA) and the nationwide Council of teachers of English (NCTE), 1996. Urbana, IL: IRA.

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Read literature that introduces a topic for discussion and interactive writing and also do mini-lessons on the conventions of composing as the require for castle occurs during interactive writing. Because that example, because that kindergarten, model how to (1) capitalize the first letter or the first word in a sentence and (2) indent the very first sentence that a paragraph using the title together the an initial sentence.

The an initial day of school is …

Ask students for ideas to complete the sentence. Repeat them the the concepts they shared in solution to the reader response questions and also prompts. Once the class agrees on how to complete the sentence, ask because that a volunteer to come to the chart and also take the pen to complete the sentence. If a son volunteers and also is not yet writing, take dictation for them and write the words as they speak them. If a kid is not yet writing however knows the alphabet, order the native letter-by-letter as they create or create the words in pencil and also have the son trace over them through a marking pen. Proceed writing the story this way. Questioning the students for ideas and also for volunteers to take the pen.

Other mini-lessons on the conventions that writing can be modeled throughout interactive creating as they take place in context.

Older students have the right to practice interactive creating by sharing the pen and also collaborating with each various other on letters, memos, invitations, or any kind of kind of narrative story, and on reports in the contents areas.

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Grade-level modifications

K–2nd Grade

Read big a book around school. Off to Kindergarten by Tony Johnson have the right to be supplied for a kindergarten class. In this rhyming text, a small boy names all of the things he wants to lug to school on the first day the kindergarten, from a sandbox come a chair for his stuffed bear, till his mommy assures him that his teacher will have whatever he needs. For very first or second grade students, use Hamsters, Shells, and Spelling Bees: institution Poems in a repertoire edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins (2008) in his I have the right to Read poetry anthology series. Command a discussion using aesthetic reader an answer questions and also prompts: how do girlfriend feel around the an initial day that school? how do friend feel about school? What execute you great will happen in school this year?

Tell college student they will certainly all share your ideas around school with interactive writing. Students have the right to sit on the rug and kind a semicircle encountering an easel with a piece of file on it. Ask students for title suggestions for the item of interactive creating (e.g., "Today at School," "School," "The very first Day the School," or one more title the emerges native the discussion of the book). Discuss the title selection with the students and also either compose the location at the top of the chart file or whitcboard or ask for a boy to volunteer to take the pen (marking pen) and also write the title. Carry out scaffolding to support the student writer with spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or other writing conventions.

For days other than the very first day of school, here arc some topics and also sentence starters:

"Today is Monday" (or any other job of the week)"Today is President"s Day" (or any other holiday)"It"s a rainy Day" (or any kind of other weather)"We"re Going to the Zoo" (or any type of other field trip)
Mini-lessons top top conventions of writing throughout interactive writing, K–2Alphabet and also forming lettersUpper- and lowercase lettersCapitalize indigenous in a title, the very first word in a sentence, and also names, days, months, location names, and also a person"s titleIndent the an initial sentencePunctuationAt the end of a sentence, use a period, inquiry mark, or exclamation markCommas in dates, a series, and addressesApostrophes in contractions and possessives o durations in abbreviationsCommas in link and complex sentences o Quotation clues in dialogueSpellingAsk because that ideas around how come spell the word; model the standard spelling that the wordWriting the date
Plus Technology

Through the usage of a smart Board, take it dictation and project students" interactive creating on a screen. Revisions deserve to be made come the creating as students clock the transforms made ~ above the screen, and mini-lessons may be modeled together well. The interactive composing can additionally be in the kind of one e-mail post that can be sent anywhere-to another teacher"s classroom, other school personnel (e.g., the major or the librarian), or to family members members v e-mail access.

Recommended children"s books

3rd Grade–5th Grade

Students deserve to write interactively in an answer to a read aloud publication such as Tales that a 4th Grade Nothing (Blume, 1972). Letters have the right to be composed interactively by the whole class to who who visited the course as a guest speaker, to the writer of a book they enjoyed, to one more class to join them because that an activity, come the primary or other school staff in appreciation for something, come a student that is at residence for clinical reasons, or to the editor that a newspaper top top an problem of issue to students. Students deserve to also form groups and also write stories, narratives, or quick reports in the content locations interactively.

Students can kind more than one group yet agree to create on the very same topic. For example, in solution to a chapter publication like Ramona the Pest (Cleary, 1968), much more advanced primary students could setup to create their own memoir of institution patterned ~ the book. They can identify a main character together however write separate chapters on various topics such together friends, recess, favorite college subjects, least favorite institution subjects, or most embarrassing moments. The groups can meet periodically as a whole and discuss the continuity among the chapters and revise accordingly.

Writing conventions ideal for grades 3 through 5, or as needed, deserve to be taught in mini-lessons during interactive writing.

Indenting paragraphsPunctuation: Hyphens, colons, parentheses, or commas in a collection of adjectivesStrong verbs, particular nouns, and also colorful adjectives and also adverbsComplete and incomplete sentencesContractionsPluralization rulesPlural possessivesQuotation marks and underlining in released titlesHomonymsOnomatopoeiaRecommended children"s books

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Differentiated instruction

English language learners

Interactive writing renders the writing process visual come the whole class, and English learner who space not yet writing can contribute by depicting the interaction writing. Interactive writing is context-embedded instruction the taps the prior understanding of students. It likewise involves social interaction and cooperation among students. If one English student is no yet writing, they might "hold the space" between words as an additional student or the teacher writes the words.

English learners watch writing modeled and can copy sentences into their own writing in journals or stories. Usage the interactive writing strategy with small groups that English learners, using main language support as well.

Needs-based teams can be formed and can create interactively in a variety of methods (e.g., responding to a book read aloud or any kind of previously review text, or writing conventions specifically essential by the group).

Struggling students

Students take part by verbally sharing ideas for interactive writing. Take it dictation for students, one of two people by writing their principles for lock or by composing them in pencil very first and having the student write over them through a noting pen.

Do interactive creating in a little group of three to five struggling readers and writers while other students create in journals or create stories. The very same procedure would certainly be used, yet each kid would have much more opportunity to participate and there would certainly be much more time come assess and differentiate instruction because that each one.

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Initialing interactive Writing: present each child exactly how to early their composing on the chart. This gives a document of their progression in writing and a way to determine strengths and also needs the each kid over time. In little groups or writing conferences, carry out mini-lessons for each child"s assessed needs.

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Interactive writing Record: use a loose-leaf notebook to save a record of each child"s writing during interactive writing. Word procedure and print out a facsimile that the type that follows, 3-hole punch it, and include that in the notebook. Use alphabet tabs because that last names, and put every child"s document under the letter of their last name. Periodically, go with the interactive writing pieces and note the following for each kid on your sheet the paper:

StrengthsNeeds/Mini-lessonDate CompletedResults


McCarrier, A., Pinnell, G. S., and Fountas, I. C. (2000). Interactive writing: exactly how language and also literacy come together.Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann