In today’s tutorial, I will be teaching you how to develop a an easy floral watercolor wreath. This is among my favorite things to paint because you have the right to paint an easy leaves or flowers, incorporate them, and also create a beautiful masterpiece. I very suggest for beginners to begin with a project like this.

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Aside from paint the wreath, friend can also write a quote inside the wreath which renders it more special if you desire to offer it as a gift.

Art Materials

Alternatively, you deserve to use this colors in your own paint set: Turquoise, Pthalo Green, Ultramarine Blue, Indigo, Sap Green and Greenish Yellow.


One the the ideal round brushes that ns have ever used is the black Velvet Brush. The dimension 6 is good but you may likewise use a size 8. Alternatively, girlfriend may also use Princeton Neptune pen which is a artificial squirrel hair brush.

Tissue and also Water Jar

We need to prepare tissue record to blot the end the excess paint or water in our brush. Because that the water jar, I used a glass jar.


1// Use any kind of round object like a bowl and trace the outline with pencil to produce a nice ring shape. Try to draw lightly so that the pencil sketch won’t be evident in the final painting.


3// Paint another petal beside the very first petal.


5 // if the flower is still wet, seize a pigmented mixture the indigo and also drop it in the center of the flower. This will create a nice comparison in the facility of the flower.


7// as soon as you have developed a couple of four petal flowers, you may try adding part filler petals. They can be simply two petals.


9// try adding flower that are pigmented and put it beside a flower that looks faded or irradiate colored.


11// paint the pipeline alternately on the pencil outline. Also, incorporate different shades that green. Friend may add a much more diluted sap environment-friendly or a greenish yellow color.


13// let’s close the gap between the top and bottom leaves. You might overlap the pipeline to make it watch seamless. In this wreath, we painted the pipeline in two directions, but feel complimentary to repaint it in one direction.


15// Wait because that the very first layer of leaves to dry before painting an additional layer the leaves. This an approach will develop a wreath with an ext volume and less gaps in between the leaves. For the 2nd layer, usage a more diluted environment-friendly paint.


17// we can add filler petals to do the flower section look fuller.


19// If there room still some white spaces the you desire to fill in, just paint some thin environment-friendly strokes that will look favor stem.


That’s it! It was easy, right? When starting a wreath, constantly draw a one that will certainly serve as your guide. Begin with the key flowers and then add some leaves and fillers. If you ever before feel stuck in the middle of the painting, leaving your painting for a while and also come earlier to it through fresh eyes. Sometimes, as soon as we’re painting something for fairly some time, our eyes become tired.

You may also search because that floral ostrich arrangements digital to offer you more ideas top top different types of flowers the you have the right to paint.

I hope that you delighted in this tutorial. I’m excited for her floral wreath!


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Thanks Joly for developing such a advantageous tutorial! Here’s my and my intern Tasha’s take on it. It was so funny to shot it out.