Discover the first Buckler shield and learn the ideal tactics to obtain through the one-hit kill of the Worshiper boss battle!


Return come Prima"s Lords of the collapse walkthrough!Head into the area to the appropriate to find an audio note and a Marauder straight ahead. Prior to you engage the enemy, turn to the right as soon as you get in the area come find an additional portal in the corner. Once you go into the portal, open the chest to relax a light the leads you come a 2nd chest that"s locked.Defeat the Rogue the attacks, then move into the illuminated area ahead. Take out the 2 Infected enemies and also one Rogue that attack. The Rogue may be covert in the shadows using ranged attacks. Run toward him to do the washing up him out. With the adversaries down, open up the chest in the illuminated area to discover an power Shard and a Qamar Staff weapon.Look around to view that the light released native the an initial chest is off in the distance. Head toward the light (no pun intended), and also a Rogue and Marauder attack. Take them out, climate touch the light. This sends out the light toward the previously locked chest. You have to run (not walk) to chase after the light. As long as that hovers end the chest, the chest remains open. As soon as the irradiate moves back, the chest closes and also you"ll should touch the irradiate again. Within the chest is a Fire Resistance Shard and a Sealed Rune (Small).Collect every one of the items, then head ago through the portal. Go under the path to the left of the portal, collect the Bloody Flint (a quest item you"ll require later) and also take the end the Marauder. Head come the finish of the path and kill the Rogue in ~ the end. Choose up the audio note, then revolve around and also head back to the area whereby the vault audio note and also Marauder were found.Continue down the path, moving beyond the place of the Marauder. Defeat the 3 Rogues ahead, then access the checkpoint. If girlfriend would choose some extra XP and a Guardman greataxe, head come the left. A holy place Guardian waits ahead. These enemies are really formidable and will no go down easy. Watch the end for his shield stun, as he will certainly follow it through a possibly deadly stab. Keep on the move to make your way behind the enemy for a surprise Attack. Magic works an extremely well right here if you have it available. If not, use the ranged assault from her Gauntlet if you"re no doing fine at close range. If the Guardian dashes towards you, be all set to evade to stop the assault that follows.An advanced Infested awaits to the left, just beyond the holy place Guardian. It has far much more health 보다 the average Infested, for this reason be cautious when fighting it. Two normal Infested enemies and also a Rogue with flaming ranged attacks await at the end of the path. Prevent the strikes from the Rogue as they transaction flame damages over time the adds up quickly.With every one of the opponents down, usage a rune to open the chest ~ above the left wall surface (just prior to the end of the path). Inside you"ll find a Guardman greataxe weapon and an Empty Bottle. Head increase the stairs to find two much more Temple Guardians. Use ranged attacks to draw one under the stairs so girlfriend don"t have to engage lock both at the exact same time.Defeat both enemies, then head back to the checkpoint. There"s a the door come the left at the end of the path, however at the moment it"s locked and also cannot it is in accessed. When you get earlier to the checkpoint, head down the hallway come the left. As quickly as you get in the hallway, there"s one audio keep in mind to the right. Hiding right behind the keep in mind is another Rogue. There"s a door behind the Rogue, but it"s right now locked.Continue approximately the edge to find two Marauders ahead. Loss them, climate take under the 2 Infested close to the finish of the path. Head to the left prior to you with the archway at the end. Do not go with the door (it"s locked). Instead, head increase the stairs to the left that the door.Take out the 2 Rogues at the top and also light the fire in the center to obtain the attention of an additional Rogue. Kill the Marauder at the bottom that the stairs and also remember this room since you"ll be coming ago to it really soon. Head increase the small set of stairs and open the chest in the following room to acquire an Empty Bottle, a Heavy Shield and a Buckler shield.Pull the bar to open up the gate, i m sorry leads back to the previously locked gate near the critical portal. This is a shortcut in case you require to access either area quickly. If you great to run ahead come the next boss battle, you can at this point, or you can leave this area and also head back to the archway. The is encourage to take it the longer method to the boss because there"s a checkpoint just before the boss battle if you take it the slightly longer way.If you great to face the boss now and obtain the Guard"s Greatsword weapon, go earlier to the vault room v the Marauder and drop down close to the stairway to find a chest below. Open the chest to uncover a Guard"s Greatsword, Magic Resistance Shard and an Empty Bottle. Continue down the path and also pick increase the audio note along the way. At the finish of the path is the graveyard and also the ceo battle against the Worshiper (jump under to that section for tips).If you"d choose to take it the much longer way, head ago around come the archway and also pass with it and also down the stairs the follow. Make keep in mind of the portal you pass on the means down. 2 Golems await at the bottom that the stairs. They have the right to spot friend from a good distance and will hit fast and also hard, however they don"t have actually a ton of health points. They are also really susceptible come magic strikes like the Gauntlet. Loss both Golems, climate head right into the area in ~ the bottom that the stairway to connect the Rogue.Head through the following archway come find an additional closed portal and also a chest to the right. Open up the chest to find a Steel Dagger, Steel Sword and Ghost merge Shard. Conserve your progression at the checkpoint, collection the Human Skull quest item come the ideal of the checkpoint (you"ll need this later), climate speak come Kaslo, who is standing to the right, just prior to the checkpoint. Ask him what your duty is to proceed.

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Open the PathwayMake your way toward the graveyard to the left. Traction the lever to open the gate. Continue through the door to start a cut-scene adhered to by the boss battle against the Worshiper.Boss Battle: WorshiperBonus Requirement: place the mini Golems therefore the Worshiper death at the very least two that them.Before you can defeat the Worshiper, there room a couple of things you must know. An initial off, make keep in mind of the areas of the five archways in the graveyard. Once the Worshiper uses any kind of magic attacks, standing in ~ the archways will save you safe. This is especially important as soon as you watch the Worshiper obtain down top top one knee and make a horizontal swooping movement with his arm. This shows that the whole graveyard is around to be engulfed in a magic explosion. If you"re no standing in one of the archways when this happens, it results in prompt death.You can additionally use the archways come your benefit in other ways. If girlfriend can tempt the Worshiper to one of the archways, then acquire him to attack the archway (in an effort to hit you), the archway will certainly crumble, yet the Worshiper will certainly be stunned for a prolonged period of time. Prior to this happens, make sure you"re all set with your most devastating attack to take full benefit of the stun.The finest strategy versus the Worshiper is come equip irradiate armor v a shield that absorbs 100 percent physics damage, and stay close to him. At this range, he generally uses a close-range stun. As soon as he lifts his weapon into the air, easily move to his side and ago away. V light armor, girlfriend shouldn"t need to dodge back, but if friend aren"t relocating fast enough you may want to dodge or even run to make sure you"re far sufficient away. If you"re within selection of the shock attack, friend won"t be able to move because that a few seconds. This is long enough for the Worshiper to hit you through the first attack in his two-hit melee assault combo that constantly follows the close-range stun attack (whether the connects or not).With irradiate armor and also a fast weapon, you should have time to stop the stun, move ago to in ~ attack range and hit the Worshiper at least once prior to he can swing through his weapon. Depending upon your equipment configuration, friend may have to dodge immediately following her attack, but even with just one hit, every small bit helps during this fight. The Worshiper has a lot of health and does no go down conveniently in many cases.If you earlier away, the Worshiper provides one of two long-range attacks. The an initial is a spread out of magic grenades. The Worshiper move his eight in a sweeping motion, comparable to the immediate kill strike except the he"s not on his knees. This is followed by four grenades gift tossed in her direction. Lock inflict significant damage, yet if you remain on the relocate they"re fairly easy come avoid.The second long-range assault is a series of magic pillars that shoot up from the ground. As soon as the Worshiper kneels down as if come pray, you should continuously move or take refuge in one archway. Numerous blue patches appear on the soil under your character (unless you"re in ~ an archway). Once the patch appears, you will certainly take damage if you"re not moving, climate you"ll take extr damage with the spiked shaft rises the end of the patch. This usually occurs three times, and also will follow you together you move around attempting to stop the attack.Finally, the Worshiper will contact on mini Golems to help him in battle. When he triumphantly raises his weapon right into the air, this is the signal the the Golems are about to appear. Two egg-like objects appear in the graveyard, climate hatch into mini Golems soon after. You typically have time to gain to one of the eggs before it hatches, but they"re commonly too far apart to acquire to both. If you have the right to reach one egg, it only takes a solitary attack to rest it and prevent the Golem indigenous hatching.If a Golem hatches, it immediately attacks you. However, the Golems take damages from the Worshiper as with you do. It deserve to be stunned by the Worshiper’s attacks, and even if the Golem is within the archway v you once the instant kill attack goes off, it will still die. When the Golems aren"t overly daunting to kill, if you"d rather focus on the Worshiper, it"s relatively easy to get them captured in the Worshiper"s close-range stun attack. With proper positioning, friend can even get the Worshiper to strike the Golems in an initiative to hit you.Defeat the Worshiper to find a Clawfinger weapon and a Sealed Rune (Big). Scattered roughly the graveyard you"ll also find 4 Human Skull quest items and two audio notes. Collect the items, climate head back and speak to Kaslo. Prior to you continue, head earlier up the staircase girlfriend came down to find the portal open.Head through the portal to enter the prove Grounds. Step into the center of the arena come begin. In ~ the prove Grounds you face off versus three waves of enemies. The first wave is composed of a Marauder and a Rogue, the 2nd are 2 Rogues (one ranged, one melee) and also an Infested, and the 3rd is a temple Guardian and an Infested. Focus on one enemy at a time, and also use magic and ranged assaults to kill as plenty of enemies as you can prior to they with you and also begin attacking.Defeat all three waves to knife a chest that includes a Back Breaker armor, Attribute allude Shard and Spell suggest Shard.

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Collect the items, climate head ago through the portal. Friend can also go ago to the room through the Marauder that leads come the faster way to the Worshiper boss fight if girlfriend haven"t gone under that course yet and wish to attain the items along the route.