In our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Dead Ghosts areas Guide, we’ve common the locations of every the Dead Ghosts that you can discover in Shadowkeep. There room a total of 10 of this Dead Ghosts in D2 but we’ve however to uncover the critical one. We’ll make sure to upgrade the overview after we gain the final one alongside any kind of potential rewards.

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Shadowkeep Dead Ghosts Locations

After completing Shadowkeep’s story, you’ll start finding the “Lost Ghost Trace” the you have the right to hand over to Eris come grab searches for finding Dead Ghosts in various areas. You’ll discover 9x Phantasmal fragments per Dead Ghost found. Right here are the areas of every Dead Ghosts that you can discover in Shadowkeep:

1. Echo of the an excellent DisasterYou must head come the area wherein the Ether Resupply occasion in the Archer’s heat takes place. When there, head across the ravine and find the Gunnvor’s Ghost near an old truck.

2. First Crota’s Team FallenYou need to head come the world Grave, Hellmouth and near the room where you kill the Ominighoul nightmare. Sai Mota’s Ghost is a pretty difficult one to discover – examine this video clip to understand where come go:

3. Adonna’s QuestFrom the Archer’s Line, head come the eastern side and also into the hall of Wisdom. Native the main hall, head to the left area to arrive at the Shrine the Oryx. You’ll discover Gimble-4’s Ghost in the ceo room in the very middle that the area.

4. A True BelieverYou have to head end to the Summoning Pits and also find Toland’s Ghost in Phogoth’s room, ~ above an top ledge in the earlier of the room.

5. Misplaced TrustYou need to look at your mini-map and head inside the tunnel directly under “Hellmouth” written on the map. You’ll uncover Vell Tarowe’s Ghost straight under the wizard at the entrance.

6. Dark DreamsIn the Lunar Battlegrounds area (the place where the initial mission bring away place), you must look because that a crashed pod v Vyhar’s Ghost right next to it.

7. A effective SearchYou should head within the dome-shaped building in the Anchor of irradiate to find Lonesome Ghost within a tiny room.

8. Together ForeverYou have to head over to the one of Bones and find Eriana-3’s Ghost in the central, big room within a container – among a pile of bones.

9. The greatest SacrificeYou need to head over to the Gatehouse, Hellmouth and also head under the ramp. Continue to monitor the path and you’ll ultimately get come a huge room whereby you’ll uncover a obstacle Knight sometimes. You’ll uncover Eris Morn’s Ghost on the far side versus a window.

These space all the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Dead Ghosts Locations. If you’re interested in learning much more about Shadowkeep, check out our ideal Builds Guide, Rice Cake places Guide, and also Daito Jade Rabbits places Guide.

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