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There aren’t plenty of English indigenous containing the letter combination “uu”. In fact, only 3 of lock are provided in common speech:

continuum /kənˈtɪnjuəm/ (kən-tin-yoo-əm), seldom written likewise “continuüm”, is something there is no gaps or jumps. For example, languages often type a language continuum, which means that that is difficult to uncover sharp boundaries between different language or dialects; they readjust continuously.

The various other words room either obsolete or provided in very certain areas, yet nevertheless, they space considered component of the English language:

carduus /ˈkɑːdjuəs/ (kaa-dyoo-əs) UK, /ˈkɑːrdjuəs/ (kar-dyoo-əs) us is a genus that thisles (see an example on the right)
duumvir /djuˈʌmvə/ (dyoo-ʌm-və) UK, /duˈʌmvɚ/ (doo-ʌm-vr) US is among two world jointly hold power. A duumvirate (pronounced as “duumvir” + “it”) is one alliance in between two equally an effective leaders.
equus /ˈɛkwəs/ (ek-wəs) is a genus of pets that includes not only horses, but likewise donkeys, zebras, and also other similar animals.
fatuus is offered in the phrase “ignis fatuus” /ˈɪɡnɪsˈfætjuːəs/ (ig-nis fat-yoo-əs) obtained from Latin, literally “foolish fire” (“ignis” = fire), which way “will-o’-the-wisp”, or generally a delusion, a false hope.
lituus /ˈlɪtjuːəs/ (lit-yoo-əs) was a Roman routine wand, and the native is still offered in mathematics to refer to a certain form of curve.
menstruum /ˈmɛnstruəm/ (men-stroo-əm), rarely written additionally “menstruüm”, is an archaic term because that a solvent, i.e. A liquid the dissolves a solid.
mutuum, generally pronounced /ˈmjuːtʃuəm/ (myoo-tchoo-əm), is a legit term meaning “the loan because that consumption”.
residuum /rɪˈzɪdʒuəm/ (ri-zidzh-oo-əm) or /rɪˈzɪdjuəm/ (ri-zid-yoo-əm), rarely likewise “residuüm”, way “residue”.
triduum /ˈtrɪdʒuəm/ (tridzh-oo-əm) or /ˈtrɪdjuəm/ (trid-yoo-əm), hardly ever written also “triduüm”, refers to a 3-day duration of prayer.
Weltanschauung (written v a resources W) /ˈvɛltɑnʃaʊʊŋ/ (velt-an-shaoo-ung) is a German word an interpretation “world view”. In English, the is provided in cognitive ideology in the an interpretation of a “wide people view”.

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