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Phonetic snapshot DictionaryTheme Pages ugandan-news.com WH: Consonant Blend an ext Blends indigenous FamiliesSpelling ActivitiesSome words that begin with wh:
whalewharfwhatwheatwheelwheelbarrowwheelchairwheezewhelpwhenwherewhereby whereforewherewithalwhetwhetstonewhetherwhewwheywhichwhiffwhigwhilewhim whimperwhimsicalwhinewhinnywhipwhiplashwhippersnapperwhippetwhippoorwillwhirwhirlwhirligig whirlpoolwhirlwindwhiskwhiskerwhiskeywhisperwhistwhistlewhistleblowerwhitwhite whiteboardwhitecapwhiteoutwhitewashwhittlewhizwhoa whoopingwhooshwhorlwhyWh Worksheets: native That start With WhA Printable activity BookA short, printable book about straightforward words that start with wh -- for early on readers. The book has pages because that the college student to assemble, objects to color, and short phrases come copy (like \"Whale starts through wh.\"). The native are: whale, what, wheat, wheel, wheelbarrow, whelk, when, where, which, whip, whippet, whirl, whirlwind, whisk, whistle, White House.Match Words beginning With WH: Printable WorksheetDraw lines in between each word beginning with \"wh\" and its picture. The words are: whirlwind, whale, wheel, wheelbarrow, when, whip, whistle, whisk, wheat, whelk. Or walk to the answers.Circle \"Wh\" WordsCircle 5 native that start with Wh. The words space whale, wheat, wheel, whisk, whistle. Or walk to the answers.Missing letter in Words starting With Consonant Blends and also Digraphs: WHFind the lacking letters in words starting with wh, and then color the photo of the word. The words room wheel, whale, whistle, when, wheelbarrow, whip, whiskers, whirlwind, wheelchair, wheat. Or walk to the answers.Write Eight words That start With WhThink of and write eight indigenous that start with wh.

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Then, because that each word, create a sentence containing the word. Sample answers: who, when, where, what, why, wheel, wheat, whisker.

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