Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Novigrad

To begin this quest you should talk to Marcus T.K. Hodgson. Friend will discover him within his bookstore in Novigrad. He"ll tell you around the publication that who left because that you a couple of years ago.

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Geralt stopped by a particular Novigrad book seller whose owner known him in ~ once. He said someone had actually left a publication with the a long time back with indict to offer it to Geralt if he ever got the chance. This naturally piqued the witcher"s curiosity. Sadly, the publication dealer did not know the book"s exact existing location, only that it had actually a red cover and that Geralt have to look for it in his stacks that dusty tomes and also manuscripts.

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Marcus T.K. HodgsonVelen / Novigrad

Quest stages of article from an Old Friend

1. Discover a publication with a red cover utilizing your Witcher Senses.

The publication you"re in search of - My manifesto - The Life of Jacques de Aldersberg, is on the 2nd floor, near the stairs to the 3rd floor. Take it it and you"ll discover a letter inside, i m sorry will immediately go into your inventory.

2. Read the letter you uncovered folded inside the publication "My Manifesto."

Read the Letter from "A".

Letter native "A"


In the s of possibility, some occasions are much more likely, and also some less. That is not basic to fish out the first, not also when one"s intellect stretches with all time and space.

I left this letter for you in the hope that, in spite of all odds, you will certainly come throughout it one day, because that I need to warn you. Mankind is threatened. The prophesied destruction by the White Frost is not just the babbling of part mad she-elf. Probably I will have actually the possibility to convince you of this in person. If not, I should rely top top this letter, which you will certainly read many years from now, in ~ a time when you know more than friend did as soon as we very first met.

Know that nothing will conserve the people except prepare its entire populace for this catastrophe. The old tales say a child of the Elder Blood have the right to stave turn off the danger, yet I tried and failed. Ever due to the fact that I have actually been haunted by a hideous vision, a crowned wraith. The specter of mine failure.

I to be the favored one, and the preferred one failed. You and your brotherhood room our only hope. Once the time of the wolf"s blizzard comes, males shall perish and only the ubermen will survive. Your duty is to give the world ubermen.

Whatever girlfriend think that me, execute not fail as I have actually failed.


You will obtain some XP, and 51 crowns.

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Geralt discovered the publication and, inside it, a letter from someone he had once known. Despite he provided no exterior sign the it, this filled that with emotional recollections of old times. To now I don"t know who the old girlfriend was no one what he had written in the letter - and that"s a shame, because that judging by Geralt"s behavior, therein lies a very interesting tale...