Many moms-to-be endure pain, swelling and also sensitivity in the wisdom tooth area, thanks to all the hormonal alters that occur throughout pregnancy. However pregnant women space understandably cautious around getting dental surgery because of the potential impact it can have ~ above the baby.

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Here, we explore some that the most common safety pertains to expecting moms have around wisdom this extraction throughout pregnancy.

Are Wisdom this X-Rays Safe during Pregnancy?

Oral surgeons require diagnostic x-rays to safely perform wisdom tooth extraction procedures – but aren’t expecting moms claimed to avoid obtaining x-rays?

Yes and no. While routine x-rays have to wait until after the infant arrives, specialists agree the the services of diagnostic imaging exam outweigh the risks. X-rays of the wisdom teeth don’t straight expose the abdominal area to radiation, so there’s very little chance of injury to a developing fetus.

Plus, the quantity of radiation delivered by dental x-rays is incredibly low, not sufficient to cause adverse effects. And, to more minimize the risks, oral surgeons take as couple of images as possible, using leaded aprons and collars come shield the mom-to-be and her unborn baby.

Is dental Surgery Anesthesia Safe during Pregnancy?

For many wisdom tooth extraction procedures, dental surgeons carry out anesthesia to store patients comfortable – and also pregnant women room no exception.

Stronger forms of dental surgery anesthesia, consisting of laughing gas and also IV sedation, space not recommended throughout pregnancy, together their use have the right to increase the risk of miscarriage. However, studies display that neighborhood anesthetics, favor lidocaine, space safe because that moms-to-be.

In addition, as soon as administering regional anesthesia to expecting moms, dental surgeons take care to save the dosage low and also use as tiny medication as possible – just enough to administer a comfortable experience.

What is the safest Time come Schedule Wisdom this Removal?

When moms-to-be require wisdom this extraction, dental surgeons aim to schedule the procedure throughout the second trimester.

During the an initial three month of pregnancy, oral surgery can hamper the development and breakthrough of the unborn baby. Tooth extraction deserve to be safe during the 3rd trimester, but at that stage, expecting moms might not have the ability to sit comfortably for the quantity of time forced to complete the procedure.

However, every pregnant patience has distinct health concerns. For some high-risk pregnancies, wisdom this removal might need to be postponed until after delivery.

Is your pregnancy leading to wisdom this problems? For expert advice in the greater east central Indiana area, revolve to the specialists at Richmond Oral and also Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Partridge and also Dr. Alderman, ours board-certified dental surgeons, specialization in wisdom this removal and have considerable experience working with moms-to-be. We know the difficulties of oral surgery during pregnancy, and we have the right to address all of her concerns and questions.

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If she pregnant and think you can need this extraction, call Richmond Oral and also Maxillofacial Surgery and also schedule a wisdom teeth removal consultation today.