The son of Weohstan the Scylfing, and a family member of Beowulf, and his most loyal warrior. In the battle versus the dragon, that proves to be the only Geatish warrior with courage also moderately identical to Beowulf"s. In a way, his valor only serves come underscore just just how weak in general and dependent on beo wolf the various other Geats have become. Wiglaf rules the Geats after Beowulf dies from wounds experienced in the battle against the dragon, however the narrator provides it clear the Wiglaf cannot complement Beowulf together a king and also that the Geats will face hard times.

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The timeline below shows whereby the character Wiglaf shows up in Beowulf. The colored dots and also icons show which themes are linked with that appearance.


Instead of help him, ten of Beowulf"s warriors flee. Only Wiglaf that the Waegmundings has actually courage sufficient to help Beowulf. He berates his comrades because that deserting...(full context)

The dragon charges Beowulf and Wiglaf. Your shields space burned and their armor uses them tiny protection. Beo wolf strikes the dragon"s...(full context)
Beowulf sits near the wall surface of the cavern as Wiglaf washes his wound. Beo wolf tells Wiglaf that he to know he is dying and that he...(full context)
Beowulf asks Wiglaf to carry him the sweetheart so the he have the right to die knowing that he won it....(full context)
Wiglaf gathers few of the treasure and also returns to Beowulf, who thanks God the he could...(full context)
As the ten Geatish warriors that ran far return, a grief-stricken Wiglaf make the efforts in vain come revive Beowulf. Wiglaf reprimands the warriors, calling them disloyal oath-breakers and...

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(full context)
Wiglaf sends a messenger come tell the Geats that Beowulf"s death. The messenger proclaims Beowulf"s death...(full context)
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