Lafayette students invited Brian Baumgartner, that played Kevin on ‘The Office,’ v anticipation and excitement this past Wednesday. (Photo through Brandon Marin ’22)

Lucky for us, now is Friday. Which renders it Kevin’s favourite day because: “at the very least once a year, I favor to lug in few of my Kevin’s well known Chili…It’s the point I do best.” This is just one of Kevin’s most renowned quotes, which to be aired in the 5th season of “The Office,” ~ above the “Casual Friday” episode as soon as Kevin, famously, spilled his chili throughout the office floor.

When asked around how plenty of takes it took because that him to execute the Kevin’s famed Chili scene, actor Brian Baumgartner sassily increased one finger and said “one,” after producers defined to him that he only had three chances. This basic “one” to be met through rounds the applause native the overflowing audience in Colton Chapel.

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Baumgartner came Wednesday as part of the college’s rivalry week festivities because that a casual Q&A session that was met through laughter, applause and anticipation native students, faculty and staff, countless of whom stated they were fans the the show. Baumgartner’s talk attracted a noticeably huge crowd, v students lining the wall surfaces in the back of Colton.

In addition to “The Office,” Baumgartner has remained in various movies such together “My Boyfriend’s Meds,” “Ordinary World,” and also “The last Push.” he is likewise currently connected in various projects booked to come the end sometime next year, consisting of an animated Netflix Original and also a project with Disney.

When “The Office” was very first released, it was unlike any other present on American television at the time, which brought about the close to canceling the the show, according to Baumgartner. Unlike most shows, “The Office” didn’t have a laugh track, and it tackled subject on race and also sexuality, which numerous other shows were no doing.

Apart from the lack of a laugh track and also topics the the display touched on, Baumgartner said there to be a story in “The Office” that needed to it is in told about people at a work ar with various personalities interacting with a camera crew, follow to Baumgartner. This storyline, he added, to be driving pressure behind a majority of the decision made on the show, including when the show would come to an end.

“Our boss…had a story that he wanted to tell,” that said. “The idea of a camera coming in and recording was crucial thing because that the show. Ultimately plugging right into the camera, hiding native the camera, being aware of the camera, all the things.”

In the finale episode, the characters end up watching the documentary together and also “seeing themselves” after nine years “and so it was essential for him come tell that story.”

Part the the factor why the show ended up being so famous was also that it resonated v a younger audience, Baumgartner said.

“What i think make it unique was the collection of characters working in a tiny office,” the said. “It works for students and younger human being in component because you men are stuck in the classroom with world with various personalities.”

In addition to this, “I think the present appealed come the younger audience due to the fact that it’s no nice. And I don’t typical that in a bad way,” that added. “The comedy is no nice, no easy. Yet I think it’s true, and also it’s real. Human being who space younger, i feel, are much more optimistic ultimately about their role. They’re not stuck in your way.”

Working together for so countless years, the actors ended up becoming close friends v each other. Baumgartner said that because that the an initial two year after the release of “The Office,” the actors would gather at among their homes and also watched the episodes together. Come this day, Baumgartner is additionally still in a Fantasy Football organization with part his previous co-stars.

Throughout the talk, Baumgartner made several jokes that produced an virtually endless currently of laughter amongst the audience. In a noteworthy moment throughout the Q&A, a student attempted to say Kevin’s famous line native season 8, episode 2: “Why garbage time speak lot native when couple of word execute trick?”

As the audience reacted v laughter, Kevin obtained up and challenged the student by repeating the line earlier to him, and also correcting the student’s rendition, to show that he could still do it better.

Several secs of laughter from the audience and also a silent stare-down from Baumgartner followed. His silence was eventually damaged when Baumgartner whispered “Security, get the man in the back,” right into microphone, garnering much more applause native the crowd.

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A few questions from audience members also revolved approximately the opportunity of a “The Office” reunion episode or series, or even a spin-off collection focusing on the personality of Kevin individually. Back Baumgartner did no confirm that any of this possibilities to be in the works, he included that as well many world continue to be watching the show for the possibility of a spin-off come be fully off the table.