In Michonne"s last episode prior to she re-appears in The go Dead movies, she finds the above boots of she former, presumed dead, companion – rick Grimes – top top a boat that has apparently wash ashore to Virgil"s island.

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Not only that, but amongst the result is an iPhone v a lay out of what shows up to it is in Michonne and also Judith, through Rick"s name written on the display screen alongside a series of Japanese characters. What walk this all mean? and how walk it affix to AMC"s upcoming trilogy that movies?

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The walking Dead’s latest victim reveals when they found out about their shock season 10 death

First that all, The go Dead showrunner Angela Kang confirmed in an email to Insider the the Japanese article translates to "believe a little longer", though stopped short of clarifying what that could be construed to mean, calling the "a hint in ~ some bigger story the took place."

It"s likely that Anne, the cult leader last checked out flying off v Rick in The go Dead season 9, wrote this message, together the drawing of Michonne and also Judith, offered that she to be partial come portraiture throughout her stint on the mainline show.

As because that the boots, The wade Dead chief contents officer and executive producer Scott Gimple told talking Dead (via ComicBook.com) the "both rick Grimes andAndrew Lincolnwould not provide up those boots really easily", arguing that everyone"s favourite post-apocalyptic sheriff must have actually been compelled into a daunting bargain the sorts.

Here"s hoping the remaining episodes that The go Dead season 10 shed an ext light ~ above this unravelling mystery.

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