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Who wants to it is in a Millionaire? is an worldwide TV game present franchise based upon the eponymous brothers program produced by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and also Steven Knight. Since the premiere that the initial version in September 1998, the program has been often attributed with reviving public attention in the TV game present format through introduction of brand-new and put in order rules and also methods that gameplay and also emphasis is ~ above suspense rather than speed. The franchise is additionally known because that its extensive localization in partnership with major networks overseas; a total of 81 various versions of Who desires to be a Millionaire? have actually aired in 160 countries.


Departing indigenous the classic format the TV video game shows, Who desires to it is in a Millionaire focuses on just one contestant at a time, through the initial British collection and many other version imposing no time borders to price the questions. In each game, a group of contestants begin by playing a preliminary round well-known as "Fastest Finger First," or sports thereof in various other versions, in which the football player are given a concern with 4 answer choices and also they must arrange castle in a details order; whoever deserve to answer the inquiry in the fastest time proceeds come the key round because that the maximum cash prize, during which the contestant is request a collection of increasingly complicated trivia questions by the host, v a enlarge prize in ~ stake as the game progresses. The maximum feasible cash prize is typically a million devices of the local currency, therefore the actual worth of the prize varies widely depending on the worth of the currency, and also the prizes are non-cumulative; if the contestant answer a inquiry incorrectly, then every one of the income from previous rounds are lost, with the exemption of specific milestone guarantees.

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Created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill, and Steven Knight, the British television quiz show Who wants to it is in a Millionaire premiered ~ above ITV network top top September 4th, 1998, hosted by brother radio and also TV broadcaster kris Tarrant, and aired its final episode top top February 11th, 2014. There have actually been 81 various versions the Who desires to it is in a Millionaire?. Consisting of the UK version, there are 39 versions currently airing and also 42 version that have actually ended.

The UK Version

The first ten episodes of Who desires to be a Millionaire? were broadcast every night as part of the evening programming, before it was subsequently rescheduled together a weekly collection in a primetime slot ~ above Saturday evenings. In 2011, it was reformatted right into a charity TV celebrity game display coinciding with major national holidays. Throughout its 15-years run of 30 seasons and 592 episodes, 1,178 non-celebrity qualifiers have actually participated in the warm seat, v the contestants win a complete of £50,762,000, or an median of £43,091. Only five contestants have actually won the best cash compensation of £1 million (British pounds): Judith Keppel, a garden designer indigenous Fulham on November 20th, 2000; David Edwards, a teacher from Staffordshire top top April 21st, 2001; Robert Brydges, a banker native London on September 29th, 2001; pat Gibson, a software application developer from Wigan ~ above April 24th, 2004; and Ingram Wilcox, a civil servant from bathtub on September 23rd, 2006. Several of the many memorable estimates said by the organize Chris Tarrant includes, "Is that your final answer?", "But we don"t desire to offer you that" and "Quite pleased, then?"