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Aaaah, this is just one of them songsYou can kick ago and exhilaration a share toAnd get real fucked upI like to dedicate this one to every the beloved young females out thereOh me? I'm Eazy E, alias a hoe-taming motherfuckerAnd I want all you females to know something...I'd quite fuck v you all goddamn nightCause your pussy's goodNow I'm fucking all your friendsCause girlfriend ran her mouth like I knew you wouldYou to be bragging to her friendsSaying "Eazy E knows just how to fuck"So carry your ass in here and give me someSo I can bust a nut (go on and sing this shit)I'd quite fuck you, yeahSaid I'd fairly fuck v youI'd fairly fuck you, yeahSaid I'd rather fuck through youI'd quite fuck with youCause I choose the method you scream my nameI recognize you favor this dickCause you enjoy the pleasure and painNow I'm riding top top this pussy hereAnd I'm no gon' avoid (I'm not gon' stop bitch)We can do the doggy styleAnd friend can get on height (sing this motherfucker)
I'd rather fuck you, yeahSaid I'd rather fuck with youI'd quite fuck you, yeahSaid I'd rather fuck v youWhoo boy, I'd rather fuck v you, yeah (sing that song bitch)I require you baby, whoo, I'd fairly fuck you, I'd quite fuck with youI'd rather fuck with youCause the other bitches wanna wine and dine (fuck every that)I far better hurry up and get this nutCause it's check-out timeShe stated she wanted me come eat the pussyWell ns think I'll pass (I don't think so)So obtain your ass up you funky bitchAnd wash her ass (sing this motherfucking shit)I'd fairly fuck you, yeah (Oh, I'd rather fuck with you)Said I'd quite fuck through youI'd quite fuck you, yeah (Yeah I'd rather fuck v you)Said I'd quite fuck with you

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I'd fairly fuck you, yeahSaid I'd quite fuck v you (Ooh, I'd rather fuck v you)I'd fairly fuck you, yeah (I'd rather fuck you, I'd rather)Said I'd rather fuck with you (I'd quite fuck through you)I'd quite fuck you, yes (Oh, yeah)I'd fairly fuck with youFuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckI'd fairly fuck you, yeah, yeahI'd quite fuck through you, ooh