ATLANTA (AP) — Authorities to speak the ex-boyfriend and father of the son of \"Growing up Hip Hop\" star Angela Simmons has been killed in Atlanta.

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Police stated in a statement the a guy was shot number of times Saturday afternoon after an discussion at a southwest Atlanta house.

The victim was established as 37-year-old Sutton Tennyson by the clinical examiner\"s office in Fulton County.

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Simmons posted on Instagram a picture of Tennyson holding your son and thanked him because that her best gift, adding \"I\"m hurting. I\"m numb.\"

Simmons is the daughter of laboratory legend Joseph Simmons, much better known as Rev. Run, and also the nephew of document producer Russell Simmons.


Artist, poet and philanthropist Danny Simmons founded Rush art Philadelphia (RAP) in 2016 after ~ relocating his house to Philadelphia native the …


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