Which Vikings Character space You, based on Your Zodiac? i m sorry of the powerful warriors the Vikings finest represents every of the twelve indicators of the zodiac?

The show Vikings takes viewers for a wild drive in the nine century. They watch six periods of the renowned Ragnar Lothbrok as he transforms from a farmer come a King. Even though Ragnar grows up as a an easy farmer, he has a burning desire because that exploration. He understands that there is more to his life than Norse farming. Viewers watch Ragnar"s life unfold as he embarks top top a journey through his team that Vikings.

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He i do not care a respect warrior all while sticking to his goals and traditions that Norse. Vikings is full of brand-new enemies and also friends, inner struggles, deaths, and so lot more. All of the personalities in the display have rich individualities that viewers can relate to. Below is a list of characters and also their Zodiacs. This way, viewers deserve to see which character they room in Vikings.

Those who are born under the Aries sun could not perhaps settle for much less than gift a king favor Bjorn. His journey for new beginnings and determination to command is the of an Aries. Bjorn looks up to his father Ragnar together an tremendous warrior. Since Aries constantly want to be the best, the knew that training in fight would obtain him whereby he wants. Aries viewers can additionally relate to Bjorn"s hastiness and also impatience once it pertains to long-term decisions. Instead of always listening to Ragnar, his enthusiasm constantly cd driver him forward.

11 Taurus: Porunn

The romantic and also decisive characteristics of Porunn complement those born under the authorize of Taurus. Porunn takes initiative since she knows what she wants. Particularly when it concerns Bjorn. However, after a seemingly romantic relationship, Porunn decides to finish things. Tauruses likely admire her capacity to think logically once it concerns decisions. Even though others could view her actions together stubbornness. Porunn additionally demonstrates the prosperity that a Taurus by training to turn right into a warrior.

Vikings Floki season 5
Geminis deserve to come throughout as energetic and also a little bit peculiar sometimes. This is why they have the right to relate come Floki though. His energy and also intellect in the show always astonish others. His boatbuilding skills are unmatchable and he views the human being as his teacher transparent life. Gemini"s can relate to exactly how his trickery and cleverness can be a method to cover up the darkness inside. Those born under this sign frequently don"t take the moment to self-reflect. Luckily, Floki"s best friend Ragnar keeps him in check.

9 Cancer: Ragnar

even though Ragnar has actually a difficult outer shell, that is a soft family man on the inside. In various other words, Cancer viewers understand Ragnar more than most others. His desire to travel and begin a new and much better life is an admirable Cancer trait. Ragnar constantly stays faithful to those roughly him such together his children, brother, and his very first and second wife.

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Even though his 2nd wife Aslaug cheat on him. Ragnar finds tremendous comfort in Norse legacies throughout the show, and Cancers understand that comfort and love space everything. Hopefully, Ragnar"s intensity and drive to not cause cancer viewers to end up being too emotionally throughout the show.

The charming and also independent Torvi is very relatable come Leos. Her the aristocracy and practically feistiness are just a couple of the attributes that provides Bjorn loss in love with her. The two of them carry out not last, the Torvi is still just as fearless as always. Leos excellent her ability to protect the ones she loves much more than anyone. She even kills her husband Erlendur at one point because he endangers to murder she son. Leo viewers more than likely applaud her for not letting emotions obtain in the way of anything she does.

7 Virgo: Kalf

The responsible and noble Kalf is the perfect fit because that Virgo viewers. With Lagertha trusting him come take over while she is away in Wessex, Hedeby is in great hands. Virgo viewers have the right to take a severe look in ~ Kalf"s capacity to it is in logical yet fair. His selfish side comes out when he sleeps v two women yet asks Lagertha to come ago to Hedeby. He end up shedding her to trust in the end. However, he always puts practicality over emotions that Virgos deserve to sympathize with.

amongst the intensity and violence in the show, Vikings offers moments of beauty. This moments have the right to be discovered within personalities like Gyda. Libras admire this tenderness young woman together she balances out many facets of the show. She calmness and also naivety center Libra viewers appropriate from the start when she and also her mother hunt eels. The representation of start adulthood v bleeding provides a the majority of reason because that Libra viewers. Even though Gyda"s life go not end happily as result of the plague, she uses a lot come Libras.

5 Scorpio: Borg

The darkness in ~ Borg"s life helps Scorpios feel much less alone. Borg loses his capacity to trust throughout the show, even towards the civilization closest to him. Scorpios don"t recognize anything however loyalty, so they don"t blame him. Borg experience the death of his father and also his brother attempting to toxicity him. Unfortunately, his mam drinks the poison instead. Borg"s vengeful side gets the finest of him once he burns his brother alive. Scorpio viewers understand that his tattoos room a an outcome of hiding his dark side and also past.

Lagertha"s strong desire because that adventure take away Sagittarius" attention prefer no various other sign. Her passion and an abilities within battles are remarkable and also she never ever lets human being walk over her. Lagertha"s firey side it s okay the best of her at times, however. She is fast to strike enemies and frankly everyone she desires to.

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She ends up death Earl"s part-brother Kunt once he tries come take benefit of a woman. Sagittarius feel the impetus from Lagertha through their screens. She"s constantly learning and also expanding transparent the show.

3 Capricorn: Ecbert

It"s not that Capricorns space evil choose King Ecbert, it"s simply that he is for this reason powerful. Capricorns deserve to relate to Ecbert"s capacity to be sympathetic and also loyal. However, they can additionally relate come his ambition and negativity. Ecbert"s desire to meet his objectives is unmatchable in every regard. That does not hesitate to order whole massacre because that the vikings Vikings. Capricorns can not agree through his actions, yet they probably discover his ability to plan and also strategize unreally. Capricorns carry out not prevent until they work-related their hardest and also get what they want. It"s not generally fun and also games for them or Ecbert.

The eccentric Emperor Charles fits the traits of eccentric Aquarians. Some characters in the display view Charles together meek such together his foe Odo. However, his stability and communication prove him otherwise. Aquarians have the right to relate to the means he ponders around how his grandfather might feel regarding his leadership. Charles never fails to take his time once making decisions around battle strategies. He strongly admires various other leaders such as Charlemagne who is king the the Franks. However, when he makes up his mind, he does not waver. Clever Aquarians understand this perspective completely.

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1 Pisces: Athelstan

Pisces viewers deserve to express your emotional sides whenever Athelstan is on the screen. After ~ his parents abandon him, Athelstan"s mutability offer him well. It"s very normal for him to it is adapted to the new ways the Vikings no matter where he is. Rather such together Ragnar cherish his brightness. Pisces have the right to admire how important his religious side way to him and also his capability to find out from manuscripts. Athelstan"s faith and positive outlook on life is sufficient for any Pisces.