Which among the adhering to sentences consists of a collective noun? A. The legislative met in an enig session. B. Listen, my children, and you candlestick hear. C. Who among you is a butcher, a baker, or a shall maker? D. The high quality of mercy is not strained.

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Which one of the complying with sentences contains a cumulative noun? A. The legislature met in an enig session. B. Listen, my children, and also you chandelier hear. C. Who among you is a butcher, a baker, or a shall maker? D. The quality of mercy is no strained.
This,\" \"that,\" \"these,\" and \"those\" are examples of what form of adjectives? A. Singular B. Indefinite C. Demonstrative D. Questions
You should use a _______ connect to present an adverbial clause. A. Coordinating B. Correlative C. Object D. Plural
In the adhering to sentence, recognize the component of speech of the italicized word.Large fish swim promptly in the sea. A. Pronoun B. Noun C. Adjective D. Adverb
Choose the sentence in which the verb is a linking verb. A. He works at a gas station. B. His hours are long and also busy. C. He has actually walked to job-related from his house. D. His ceo pays the well.

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