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In 1934, Gangster Al Capone, among the many renowned prisoners in the USA, was sent from Atlanto come the most advanced US jail: the Alcatraz Island, a maximum protection jail, in san Francisco Bay. So exactly how was Al Capone in the pen safety his time? Capone play the band “The rock Islanders,” and also took up music and formed a little band. The band regularly provided Sunday concert in Alcatraz for other prisoners. Capone even wrote “Madonna Mia” a love song, which was posthumously published in 2009.

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Al Capone:

As a child, Al Capone to be a member that a Street Gang


Alphonse Capone was born ~ above 17 January 1899, fourth out the 9 children in Brooklyn, brand-new York. He had immigrants from Angri in Italy, his parental Gabriele, a barber. His parents to be Teresa Capone. As a boy, she joined the Manhattan five Points Gang and was a barman and also bouncer in ~ Harvard, a bar on Coney Island own by Mobster France Yale, in the 6th grade. Capone was part of the street gang and dropped out in a 6th grade. In 1918, Mae Coughlin to be married; until his death, the couple stayed together and had one child, Sonny. Capone was in Chicago through 1920. A number of stories have it the Capone to be hijacked through Johnny Torrio, an ex-Brooklian mobster who then played crucial role in stop crime in the publicly City, after severely wounding a rival gang member in battle.

He hated his renowned name

In 1917 Capone’s face was slashed in the Harvard Inn in a struggle when he insulted a mrs custodian and her brother retaliated. Capone tried to shield his faces scarred ~ above photographs, but he never ever served in the military. That tried to compose them under as war wounds. Capone was named Scarface by the push after gangsters, a surname that he strong disliked. The mob boss was dubbed the big boss by criminal associates and also the slang hatchet Snorky was known to the by his friends as spiffy.

Capone has actually been far from public attention for the last years.

In November 1939, Capone was released native jail and also then treated because that syphilis for several months at the hospital in Baltimore. The famed gangster climate spent plenty of days in a public spotlight on Palm Island, Florida, where he had actually been owned because 1928, fishing and also playing cards. He first received penicillin because that syphilis in the 1940s, back it had actually been as well late to heal him. In January 1947 Capone, 48, endured from a hit then dropped pneumony; top top January 25, he died in his residence in Florida. Capone has been buried near his father’s tombs and one of his brothers in Chicago’s Olivet Cemetery. In 1950, the Capone family transferred the remains of the three males to Hillside, Illinois, in ~ the mount Carmel Cemetery.

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