B is the metaphor, which contains the direct statement the "being" an meaningless object. C and D room similes, v the an essential words "as" and "like" denote similarity. A is more of personification, wherein the breeze acts choose a human in make the branches move.

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ugandan-news.com:66 grams the Carbon Dioxide.


The common currency of chemistry is moles. So it is necessary to change the massive of propane to moles. Then write a balance equation so the mole of propane to moles of Carbon Dioxide. Finally moles of Carbon Dioxide have to be adjusted to grams.


This is the balance equation because that the burning of propane in Oxygen.

From the equation it deserve to be seen that 1 mole the propane makes 3 mole of Carbon Dioxide a proportion of 1:3

Convert 22 grams of propane to mole by separating by the molar mass of propane.

3 x 12 = 36 grams

1 x 8 = + 8 grams

total = 44 grams/ mole.



= .5 moles of propane.

Using the ratio of 1:3 .5 = 3( .5) = 1.5 mole of Carbon Dioxide.

Now multiply 1.5 mole of Carbon Dioxide through the molar mass of Carbon Dioxide

1 x 12 = 12 grams

2 x 16 = +32 grams

total = 44 grams /mole.

1.5 moles x 44 grams/mole = 66 grams.

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Earth and water, according to aristotle, to be ____ elements
coldgirl <10>
Hello!Earth and Water, follow to Aristotle, to be cold elements.Ancient Greeks believed that all matter was created of 4 elements: Water, Air, Fire, and EarthAristotle assigned two attributes to each element:Water: Cold, WetAir: Hot, WetFire: Hot, DryEarth: Cold, Dry The quality that Earth and also Water have actually in usual is being Cold.Have a pretty day!
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Surface-active agents action by diminish surface anxiety so that microbes deserve to be an ext easily removed. All of the complying with agents
givi <52>
Hello there.Surface-active agents plot by diminish surface stress and anxiety so the microbes have the right to be much more easily removed. All of the adhering to agents use this device of action except __________.ugandan-news.com: It would certainly be Halogens.Hope This helps You!Good Luck examining ^-^
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What room alkenes and there chemical building ​
LenaWriter <7>


Alkenes contain a twin bond the is composed of one sigma and one pi bond between two carbon atoms. The sigma bond has similar properties to those discovered in alkanes , while the pi shortcut is much more reactive. The carbon atoms in the twin bond room sp² hybridized , developing a planar structure.

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Most the the earth"s volcanoes:
Murrr4er <49>

They mostly occur at boundaries in between tectonic plates. Lock can also be found by a belt dubbed the "Ring that Fire" that encircles the Pacific Ocean. Volcanoes like that can be created in Hawaii islands in the component of the internal plate. These areas are known for being dubbed the "hot spots."

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