Let\"s look at some instances of statements and also non-statements to specify the type of sentences that kind statements.

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The trains are constantly late.Welcome come the university of Auckland!
Tailgating is a top cause of vehicle accidents.How have the right to I protect against tailgating?
I favor bananas because they have no bones.When the auto ahead get an object, make certain you deserve to count come four crocodiles before you with the very same object.
StatementsSo what provides something a statement?Definition: Statements space the kind of sentence that room either true or false.
As such, a statement is an assertion the something is or is not the case. A declare is true if what it asserts is the case, and it is false if what it asserts is not the case.
For instance, the statement “The trains are constantly late” is just true if what it explains is the case, i.e., if that is actually the case that the trains are constantly late. This is false in Auckland. Sometimes trains are on time, and sometimes they room early. Someone might impatiently complain that the trains are constantly late to express your exasperation through the train system, however strictly speaking what they say is false.
It is true that bananas have no bones, and I perform like bananas, yet I prefer bananas since they are tasty and healthy, not since they have no bones. I would thus say something false if I stated “I prefer bananas since they have actually no bones.” it is why “I choose bananas since they have no bones” is a statement. The is the type of sentence the is either true or false – in this situation false.Non-statements
However, it no make sense to say that the sentence “Welcome come the university of Auckland!” is one of two people true or false. I will not ~ you be puzzled if someone answered “true” in an answer to the greetings? It i will not ~ be an proper answer. “How can I avoid tailgating?” is a question; the sentence doesn’t express something the is one of two people true or false.
Finally, “When the vehicle ahead get an object, make certain you deserve to count come four crocodiles before you reach the exact same object.” is one advice. It advises you come make certain you have the right to count up to four crocodiles (one crocodile, 2 crocodiles,…,four crocodiles) before you with the same object as the automobile preceding you. Try it! you will do it be a lot safer driver (that’s a true statement!).More around Statements

So sentences that deserve to be true or false room statements. Rather simple. But things have the right to get an ext complicated. Let’s check out how.
Something deserve to be a statement also if we don’t know whether the true or false. All the matters around statements is that they room the kind of things that have the right to be true or false, not that we understand whether they room true or false. Because that instance:Ivan Slotvsky, the well known Irish builder that Madrid, is eating ham steaks and also chutney in ~ this very moment.
So far, for this reason good. I’ve to be lucky and I haven’t had actually a creepy next door neighbour. But the statement is true if it will be the instance some day the I have actually a creepy following door neighbour in the following 39 years. Otherwise, the explain is false. Yet I don’t recognize whether the explain is true or false. Regardless, what matters is the this sentence is the type of point that is true or false.
I have no idea what Vero or Promina are. However the sentence expresses something the is one of two people true or false.
The same statement deserve to be true on some occasions and false in others. The is, statements space not always true or always false.
This statement is true of Tim, and it’s false that Patrick. Or the statementPatrick is a happily married man.
was false before Patrick gained married, that is true now (while I’m inputting this), and it may come to be false in the future.Ambiguous Statements
One challenge with explanation is the they might sometimes express two different things. We speak to those ambiguous statements. This is an example:John greeted everybody with a smile.
What space the two states of affairs that this statement might be describing? shot and answer this because that yourself before proceeding.
Answer:John to be smiling and then he greeted everybody. In this case, it’s true the he greeted everybody v a laugh – his smile.Maybe there were smiling people and non-smiling people, and also John just greeted the ones that were smiling.
The sentence “John greeted everybody v a smile” have the right to thus be provided to define two different things. That’s what provides it ambiguous.
You should be careful around this. If you usage ambiguous statements, you run the threat of having others misunderstand what you space saying. In some cases, what others think you space saying might be very different native what you were trying to express. Because that example, Tim is an early bird. He it s okay up at an early stage every morning, and constantly before his wife. Now, suppose he tried come express this by saying:I win my wife up everyday.
That would most definitely be taken the dorn way. Shot and make certain you don’t usage ambiguous sentences!Questions and also Commands
In the 2nd list of non-statements, we had questions and also commands, and those are generally not statements.If humans progressed from monkeys, exactly how come us still have actually monkeys?
This question does no express other that deserve to be true or false. It makes no sense to answers “true” or “false” as soon as you hear it. It’s no a statement. Notification that a part of the sentence is a statement, namely “humans developed from monkeys”. This is a false statement. Human beings did no evolve from monkeys. Humans, monkeys, and apes in general, have actually a usual ancestor the is no much longer around. Even though the question includes as a part a false statement, that doesn’t make the question itself something that is true or false.
Sometimes, however, in a special context, the exact same question might be provided to refer a statement. Can you imagine a context in i beg your pardon someone could use this concern to express something that is true or false? If so, climate presumably the human being would be using the concern to express that it is false that humans advanced from monkeys, due to the fact that there room still monkeys. We call questions the are offered to express statements rhetorical questions. Once you view a rhetorical question, you should constantly rephrase it as a statement. In our case, the statement would certainly be something choose this:Humans did not evolve native monkeys, since we still have monkeys.Summary
In summary, statements are the sort of sentences that room either true or false. Sentences room ambiguous when they deserve to be supplied to express several statements. When you have actually an faint sentence, you have to decide which statement the is being supplied to express. Questions, commands and also advice are typically not statements, because they do not refer something the is one of two people true or false. Yet sometimes people use castle rhetorically to express statements. Us saw an example of a question which by itself is no a statement, but can be supplied to to express a statement. When you view rhetorical questions, always rephrase them together statements.

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