During the course of muscle contraction the potential energy stored in ATP is transferred to potential power stored in _____.

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The relax of _____ ion from the sarcoplasmic illusion is forced for skeleton muscle contraction.
Myosin heads bind to _____, which they then pull and cause to slide towards the center of the sarcomere.

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Of these events, the an initial to occur when a motor neuron stops sending out an advertise to a muscle is _____.the pump of calcium ions out that the cytoplasm and ago into the sarcoplasmic reticulum the release of myosin top from the slim filament thin filaments slide back to their relaxed positions proteins on the slim filaments block actin"s myosin-binding sites all of these events occur simultaneously
True or false? Myofibrils are the alternate light-dark units that develop the banded illustration of muscle fibers.
An activity potential in a muscle cell ultimately results in the release of calcium ions into the cell
Identify the role(s) of ATP in muscle contraction.Binds come myosin to rest an actin-myosin cross-bridge binding to the troponin complicated to expose myosin-binding sites provides the energy to transform myosin to a form that creates a cross-bridge v actin
Binds come myosin to break an actin-myosin cross-bridge provides the energy to transform myosin to a kind that forms a cross-bridge through actin
Plasma membranes of adjacent cardiac muscle cell interlock at devoted regions dubbed intercalated disks. What is the meaning of this attribute of cardiac muscles?