Q3.1.Which the the adhering to statements about an excellent experiments is TRUE?A an excellent experiment must incorporate all feasible causal determinants in one speculative group.A great experiment must have an speculative group. A control group might be useful but is no criticalA great experiment should include a possibly confounding variable in at the very least one group.A good experiment contains replication by applying treatments come multiple speculative units.

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Q3.2.Why is replication important to consider when designing an experiment?

Replication allows you to test multiple live independence variables in the exact same experimentReplication boosts confidence that your results apply much more widely, not simply to particular cases.Replication is vital to present systematic variation into an experiment.Replication boosts the opportunities that a rare result leads you come an erroneous conclusion.


A farmer that grows blackberries has found his harvest come be lower than usual. That suspects the some pets are eating the berries before he can pick them. The farmer thinks it may be either bird (landing ~ above the bushes come feast on berries) or rodents (climbing the bushes from listed below to munch top top berries). He decides to first testthe theory that birds are eating his berries, and also consults v a local skilled on how best to prevent the birds from eat berries. He has eight areas with 10 rows of berry bushes in each field. In one of his fields (depicted below, as perceived from above), he covers fifty percent of the rows v nets the will protect against birds indigenous landing on the bushes, and also he leaves the other half uncovered. Over the course of 8 weeks, he counts the berries harvested indigenous each row of bushes in the check field.


3.3.What are the elevation (treatment) and also dependent (response) variables in the farmer’s experiment?

The independent variable isnumber the rowsand the dependent change isnumber of berries harvestedThe independent variable ispresence/absence that netsand the dependent variable isnumber the rows.The independent change isnumber of berries harvestedand the dependent change ispresence/absence that nets.The independent change ispresence/absence of netsand the dependent change isnumber of berries harvested.

Q3.4.What room the speculative units in his experiment? (Hint: Remember, experimental units room the entities to which the therapy is applied.)

The birdsThe blackberry bushesThe rows the bushesThe fields

Q3.5.What is the manage group in his experiment?

The uncovered rowsThe extended rowsThe various other 7 fieldsThere is no regulate group

Q3.6.The farmer’s experiment was widely considered to it is in well-designed and also well-implemented. After ~ 8 weeks, he found no difference between groups, and also the berry harvest was still reduced than in previous years. What deserve to he conclude around his hypothesis?

Rodents space eating the berries.Birds are eating the berries.Birds space not eat the berriesThe results do not address the hypothesis.


A team of researchers is planning an experiment come testthe theory that sleep deprivation decreases storage retention. All participants will have a exercise session in which they memorize words. That night they will sleep in a monitored lab because that a specified time that relies on their group. Then each participant will certainly be tested on how many words castle remember from the exercise session. The researchers room deciding what problems they must manipulate for the speculative group.

Q3.7.The table below shows problems for the manage group and also three feasible experimental groups. Which speculative group have to the researchers use to compare to the manage group in order come test their hypothesis?


Image transcription textControl speculative ExperimentalExperimental team Group 1 group 2Group 3 number of hours…Show more

Experimental group 1Experimental team 2Experimental group 3None of the speculative groups are proper for experimentation their hypothesis.


Advertisements for a brand-new energy drink insurance claim that it helps human being concentrate, and also you are developing an experiment come testthe theory that the energy drink boosts concentration. A large group of study participants room going to pertained to your lab and also take a concentration test. Currently you must choose independent and dependent variables for your experiment.

Q3.8.What would be an suitable independent (treatment) change for her experiment?

How lot caffeine (from every sources) participants have consumed the day of the test

How much of the power drink attendees report drinking in the last month

How well the participants can concentrate during the test

How much of the energy drink participants room instructed come drink right prior to the test


Q3.9.Of the following feasible dependent (response) variables, which is the most proper for her experiment?

Participants’ self-reported capacity to concentration on the concentration testParticipants’ score top top the concentration testParticipants’ heart rate throughout the concentration testParticipants’ capability to continue to be awake throughout the concentration test


Many gardeners think that specific edible herbs, favor oregano, sage, and also rosemary, taste far better if deprived that water and nutrients. You decide to testthe theory that the frequency of watering impacts the smell of sage. You grow two sage tree from seed, side-by-side in two separate pots. You water one every other day (as a control treatment) and the other only once a main (as an speculative treatment). Climate you invite 50 world over for a taste test. Each receives 2 samples that sage leaves, marked as “A” and “B” so the they do not know which sample is indigenous which treatment. Her friends rate each sample’s odor on a scale of 1-5. You compare the average scores for each plant.


Image transcription textLess an ext Frequently commonly WateredWatered


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As with any experiment, her setup has limitations. I beg your pardon of the following ideas for enhancing replication is MOST likely to boost your capability to test the hypothesis that watering frequency affects the taste the sagein general?

Increase the variety of leaf samples taken from every plant.Increase the variety of sage tree in the speculative group.Increase the number of sage tree in both control and experimental groups.Do the very same test top top rosemary and oregano, in enhancement to sage.