What Is HIV?

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virusthat strikes the immune system. The immune mechanism becomes weaker, making the harder because that the body to fight off infections and some kinds of cancers.

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Most human being who are diagnosed early and also take medicines for HIV can live long, healthy and balanced lives.

What Is AIDS?

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) happens after who has had HIV for countless years. In AIDS, the immune device is severely weakened. Significant infections and also health problems happen.

Medicines can assist prevent HIV from arising into AIDS.

How Do people Get HIV?

HIV spreads when infected blood or human body fluids (such together semen or vaginal fluids) get in the body. This have the right to happen:

throughout sex (especially anal sex and vaginal sex) by getting stuck v a needle through an infected person"s blood on it

HIV additionally can pass from mom to child throughout pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

HIV is NOT spread through:

pee, poop, spit, throw-up, or sweat (as long as no blood is present) sneeze or sneezing holding hand sharing eating utensils or drink glasses

What space the indications & symptoms of HIV and also AIDS?

When an initial infected through HIV, a person may have:

heat swollen glands painful ulcers in the mouth or roughly the anus or dick rash muscle and also joint ache

These symptoms walk away in a couple of weeks. In the first few years ~ infection, someone with HIV may have actually mild symptoms, prefer swollen glands.

Because the symptom of HIV deserve to be mild at first, some world might not recognize they"re infected. They can spread HIV to others without also knowing it.

After a few years, various other symptoms start, including:

weight loss increased number of infections infections that are more severe than is typical

Without treatment, HIV can lead come a really weakened immune system and also progress come AIDS. Illnesses that take place in AIDS are dubbed "AIDS-defining conditions."

AIDS-defining problems include:

really fast and severe weight loss (called wasting syndrome) Kaposi sarcoma (a form of skin cancer) lymphoma (cancer in immune mechanism cells)

What causes HIV and also AIDS?

HIV destroys CD4 cells (also referred to as T cells). CD4 cells are part of the immune system. Lock fight virus and help prevent part kinds the cancers.

How Is HIV Diagnosed?

Health care providers typically diagnose HIV with blood tests. Someone who has HIV is said to it is in "HIV positive."

Tests likewise are accessible without a prescription at the drugstore. You have the right to do the test at home.

How Is AIDS Diagnosed?

HIV is diagnosed together AIDS as soon as someone:

has fewer 보다 200 CD4 cellsor establishes an AIDS-defining problem

How room HIV and also AIDS Treated?

Medicines can assist people v HIV continue to be healthy. Castle can additionally prevent HIV from proceeding to AIDS.

Health care providers prescribe a mix of different medicines for human being with HIV and also AIDS. They should be taken exactly as prescribed or castle won"t work. This medicines:

assist keep the number of CD4 cells high mitigate the viral load that HIV (how much HIV is in the body)

Regular blood tests will examine the number of CD4 cells in the body (called the CD4 cabinet count) and also the viral load.

If one HIV-positive person"s CD4 count gets low, medical professionals prescribe daily antibiotics. This prevents pneumocystis pneumonia, which wake up in human being with dilute immune systems.

Can HIV it is in Prevented?

To mitigate the hazard of obtaining HIV, people who space sexually active should:

obtain tested because that HIV and also make sure all partners perform too minimize their number of sexual partner

For everyone:

carry out not inject medicine or share any kind of needle. Perform not re-superstructure razors or other an individual objects that might touch blood. Execute not touch everyone else"s blood from a cut or sore.

Looking Ahead

Treatment has actually improved substantially for people with HIV. By taking medicines and getting consistent medical care, HIV-positive world can live long and healthy lives.

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People with HIV require a medical treatment team for the ideal treatment and support.

If you or someone you know has actually HIV or AIDS the is necessary to:

goes come all physician visits takes all medicines exactly as directed goes for every follow-up blood tests understands what HIV/AIDS is and how it diffusion is physically active, gets enough sleep, and eats well