Which of the following best describes the human being who have been chosen president? a. Older and from western says b. Generally Catholics and Jews c. Military commanders from the southern d. White, male, Protestants
To be elected president, a candidate must achieve a. A bulk of the well-known vote. B. A majority of the electoral vote. C. More popular votes than any type of other candidate. D. More electoral votes than any other candidate.

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When the Electoral College stops working to elect a president, what happens? a. The current president serves two more years and also another basic election is held. B. The candidate that receives a plurality of the well-known vote is elected. C. The electors actors a second ballot to identify who will be elected. D. The election is decided in the home of Representatives.
Which of the following is true about presidential election campaigns? a. One can become president without winning the renowned vote. B. For this reason far, all of the presidents have had actually a bulk of the popular vote when elected. C. A 3rd candidate because that the presidency has never had actually any impact on the result of the election.d. The home of to represent is i can not qualify of do a decision on that will be president.
The president, in the role of head that state, is responsible for a. Determining which countries the United says will have actually diplomatic relations. B. Acting together the ceremonial head the the government. C. Conducting the international policy that the country. D. Leading the legislative procedure by submitting legislation.
Which Presidential power or duty is most most likely to offer the president tremendous public exposure, which can be an important asset in a project for reelection? a. Chief oversight officer b. Chef legislator c. Independent status d. Head that state
As cook executive, the president is constitutionally bound toa. Force the action of Congress, contract signed through the unified States, and judgments of federal courts. B. Submit a well balanced budget to Congress. C. Communicate in preemptive army action. D. Oversee action of state governments.
The collective term because that the body of employees functioning for the government, generally interpreted to apply to all those who gain employment with a merit system, is a. Civil business employees. B. Politics appointees. C. The politics rank-and-file. D. The nonpartisan employee pool.
Which the the following ideal describes the President"s appointment power? a. The President has executive strength to obtrude the laws. B. The president appoints cabinet and also subcabinet jobs, commonwealth judgeships, agency heads, and several thousand lesser jobs. C. The President can veto laws. D. The President can terminate appointments with a three-quarter congressional approval.
Which the the following elements of the President"s role as chief executive, management is false? a. The president fills cabinet and subcabinet positions. B. The chairman may, come a minimal extent, fire certain government employees. C. The chairman is owed political allegiance by every 2.7 million federal employees. D. The president have to "take treatment that the legislations be faithfully executed."
A reprieve is a. When the president forgives who of a crime. B. Once the President worries a official postponement that the execution of a sentence implemented by a court the law. C. Once the President renders a sentence less severe. D. As soon as Congress metes out a symbolic punishment yielded to any of its members who slam the president.
Which the the following ideal describes the war Powers Resolution? a. The can be fried Court"s decision in United says v. Curtiss-Wright violin Corp. B. The need that the chairman report to Congress within forty-eight hrs of sending troops right into action, and also then attain the approval that Congress in ~ sixty daysc. An act of conference that gives the president sweeping powers to protect the nation against terrorists, subversives, and any opponent combatant of the unified Statesd. A plan pronounced by president Ronald Reagan that supported help to any country or people resisting Communism
In order because that a treaty to enter effect, it should be a. Signed by the members of the UN protection Council. B. Approved by three-fourths the the state legislatures. C. Pass by a supreme Court majority. D. Approved by a two-thirds poll in the Senate.
The State of the Union blog post isa. Ceded by the chairman to the general Assembly of the United nations at least once every four years. B. A plan statement that Congress over which the president seldom has influence. C. Required by the Constitution and also gives a broad view of what the president desire the legislative to achieve during that is session.d. An reliable tool used by the chairman to limit various other countries" foreign policy endeavors in this hemisphere.
Which of the complying with statements about the line-item veto is true? a. The was offered only in contract ratification. B. It was found to it is in unconstitutional by the U.S. Can be fried Court in 1998. C. The was provided to the president of the joined States, however prohibited come state governors. D. It was denied come the president by an act of Congress.
A veto is a. Commonly employed to punish members of the president"s party who disagree v him. B. An ext likely as soon as the president"s party controls Congress. C. A clear-cut point out of the president"s dissatisfaction v legislation. D. Likely to it is in overridden about half the time.
Which that the adhering to is true about signing statements?a. They are written declarations that a president may make once signing a bill right into law regarding the law"s enforcement. B. They have the right to only be used to make rhetorical statements. C. They can not be provided to praise or denounce political parties. D. They to be used frequently in the nineteenth century, but are rarely used today.
Which the the following is TRUE concerning presidential fundraising?a. The chairman of the United says is prohibited indigenous engaging in fund-raising activities by write-up II that the Constitution.b. Through the 1990s and early twenty-first century, presidents were no much longer willing to reduced themselves to "begging for money" and limited their money raising.c. Most presidents rely on rather to advanced money because that them since it is not component of the role of the chairman to progressive money. D. Barack Obama had actually spectacular success in raising funds as a candidate.
Which the the adhering to is true concerning presidential popularity? a. President shrub enjoyed high popularity ratings transparent his presidency. B. President Obama"s approval numbers have always been lower than president Bush"s. C. Chairman Obama"s approval ratings peaked in august 2010. D. President bush had just a 25 percent publicly approval rating by the moment he left office.
Which that the adhering to is true around Presidential emergency powers? a. They are listed in the Twenty-second Amendment. B. They have actually never been exercised. C. They are detailed in each amendment the the bill of Rights. D. They were an initial enunciated in the supreme Court"s decision in United claims v. Curtiss-Wright violin Corp.
An executive, management order must be a. Published in the commonwealth Register. B. Authorized by Congress. C. Approved by a majority of the cabinet. D. Issued only as soon as Congress is not in session.
Which that the complying with statements best defines executive privilege? a. The President deserve to withhold some details from congress or the courts. B. Members the the executive, management branch are cost-free from prosecution. C. The chairman employs the pocket veto in ~ will. D. The president provides political appointments.
In United says v. Nixon, the supreme Court rule thata. A sitting president cannot be sue in civil court because that offenses that arisen before the president took office.b. Executive, management privilege might not be supplied to prevent evidence from being heard in criminal proceedings.c. Congressional approval should be granted before presidents exploit executive privilege. D. The president is immune from criminal prosecution except for impeachable crimes.
According come the Constitution, impeachment a. Cannot be used versus an incumbent president. B. Deserve to only be used to a chairman who has actually committed treason. C. Have the right to only it is in used versus a chairman who has actually committed a violation the criminal law. D. Charges are voted on by the house of representatives and, if approved, walk to the Senate for a trial.
_____ and also _____ are the just presidents in American history to have actually been impeached and also acquitted. A. Andrew Johnson; invoice Clinton b. Richard Nixon; Franklin Roosevelt c. Andrew Jackson; Herbert Hoover d. Cutting board Jefferson; Martin van Buren
Informal advisers come the president are referred to as a. FOP, or girlfriend of the President. B. The kitchen cabinet. C. The executive, management Counsel. D. The cabinet.
All of the adhering to are true of the president"s cabinet other than a. Originally, it consisted of only 4 officials. B. Lock usually have actually some experience in the area that the room position. C. They space heads of executive, management departments. D. It is thoroughly comprehensive in the Constitution regarding what the cabinet need to do.
The organization established by chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt to assist the chairman in moving out major duties is referred to as a. The kitchen cabinet. B. The cabinet. C. The executive, management Office of the President. D. The council of Presidential Advisors.
The Office the Management and Budget is charged v a. Helping Congress compose the budget. B. Helping the chairman prepare the yearly budget. C. Modification the spending plan passed by Congress. D. Reducing the scope of the federal budget.

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According to the Twenty-fifth Amendment, if a president"s capacity to discharge his normal attributes is in question and he is can not to communicate,a. The supreme Court is empowered to choose a doctor to certify whether or no the chairman is able to carry out the features of his office. B. The speak of the residence becomes exhilaration president till the issue is resolved. C. A bulk of the cabinet, consisting of the vice president, have the right to declare the president incapable. D. The president must be permanently eliminated from office.
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