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Use this 30 g party of potassium permanganate crystals because that your science experiment needs! likewise called Chameleon mineral and also Condy's crystals. This chemistry is an oxidizer; please read warning labels carefully. Read More

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This bottle has 30 g of potassium permanganate. Buy potassium permanganate crystals for your science experiment needs! This crystalline chemical is likewise called Chameleon mineral and also Condy"s crystals. Potassium permanganate is periodically used to make super foaming Elephant Toothpaste! find the potassium permanganate formula and an ext below.

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Formula Weight158.034
CAS #7722-64-7
DOT ClassificationUN1490, Potassium permanganate
Storage CodeYellow
Shelf Life36 Months
Alternate NameChameleon mineral, Condy"s crystals
Common UsesMedicinal purposes, oxidizing agent
HazardOxidizing Substances

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Product description UN1490 Specs contents
Shipping Restriction: This item only ships economy or UPS come a street resolve in the 50 united state states.
Warning: HAZARDOUS chemistry - This kit includes hazardous chemicals. No for children under the period of 15. For usage under adult supervision. Review warning labels carefully.
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