Clove oil is a popular important oil gained from the clove plant known as Syzygium aromaticum. It’s provided in aromatherapy and also for flavoring food.

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Most Walmart branches have actually a Personal care or beauty beauty aisle, so friend can check their for clove oil. Another place to examine is the Aromatherapy aisle, or you have the right to just order the online.


At Safeway, there’s a Household aisle and also a Personal care aisle to inspect for clove oil.

You can likewise visit the store’s website to get an ext information about the oil before going to pick it up.

Better still, you have the right to order it online to prevent the store’s sirloin hours.

Whole foods items Market

Whole foodstuffs is the most renowned organic and natural foods retailer. It’s the best source to walk to if you desire 100% guarantee that your oil isn’t blended with any type of harmful substance.

Sadly, totality Foods doesn’t offer distribution services to its shoppers in ~ the moment. But you can use grocery delivery services favor Instacart to have actually your clove oil brought to her home


Walgreens stores have actually a Personal treatment aisle whereby you can find clove oil. Simply keep an eye the end for the Natural section in ~ the aisle.


Kroger is wherein to discover clove oil in grocery save if you’re looking for the cheapest price deals. The keep presently has brands choose the Nature’s prize clove necessary oil in the Personal care aisle.

You can select to either order for it or pick it increase from any of the outlets. However be certain to use the online keep locator come get an exact info on the availability status and also aisle place of the article first.


Target has clove oil in stock and it’s in the Beauty section of the store. The keep sells brands favor the Nature’s reality clove crucial oil, and also they’re easily accessible for delivery.


What wake up if girlfriend drink clove oil?

If you drink clove oil, you can wind increase with major side effects, such as:

Breathing difficultiesNose & throat burnStomach upsetMouth sensitivity & irritation

Other symptoms include seizures, fluid imbalances, or even liver damage in situations where there’s high and constant consumption of clove oil.

Can you put clove oil straight on gums?

Though clove oil is rumored come cure toothache and also infections instantly, you need to never apply it straight to her gums in its undiluted state.

If friend must use it to soothe an intolerable toothache, climate you have to start by adding 2 come 3 drops the clove oil to transport oils like olive or canola oil.

When that’s done, girlfriend may apply the mixture to your gums with a swab or noodle wool.

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How perform I do my own clove oil?

If you’re skeptical about buying clove oil indigenous the grocery store store, here’s just how to make her own:

Pour 1/2 teaspoon of entirety cloves in a mortar with 1 tablespoon the olive oil.Crush the mixture v a pestle, then pour it into a little jar.Let the mixture work out for a week prior to straining out the solids.Pour the strained clove oil right into a little bottle or jar and also use it yet you like.

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