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The IBM an individual Computer (PC) was presented in 1981. Microsoft gave the machine"s operating system, MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk operation System).


In 1983 Apple introduced Lisa, a personal computer through a graphical user user interface (GUI) to do routine operations. A GUI is a display screen format that enables the user to choose commands, speak to up files, start programs, and do various other routine tasks by using a machine called a computer mouse to allude to pictorial symbols (icons) or perform of menu options on the screen. This form of format had certain advantages over interfaces in i m sorry the user typed text- or character-based regulates on a key-board to do routine tasks. A GUI’s windows, pull-down menus, dialog boxes, and other controlling mechanisms could be used in new programs and also applications in a standardized way, for this reason that typical tasks were constantly performed in the exact same manner. The Lisa’s GUI came to be the basis of Apple’s Macintosh personal computer, which was introduced in 1984 and proved incredibly successful. The Macintosh was particularly useful for desktop publishing because it might lay the end text and also graphics on the screen screen together they would show up on the printed page.


Apple"s Lisa computer
Apple"s Lisa computer.
Courtesy of apple Computer, Inc.

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The Macintosh’s graphical interface format was widely adapted by various other manufacturers of an individual computers and PC software. In 1985 the Microsoft Corporation introduced Microsoft Windows, a graphical user user interface that gave MS-DOS-based computer systems many the the exact same capabilities of the Macintosh. Windows ended up being the dominant operating atmosphere for an individual computers.