The correct answer the the offered question over would it is in the second option, choice b. The Gripping Beasts were the intertwined animals carved top top the bow and stern the vikingsboats. The Vikings were recognized as seafaring warriors and also these were sculpted in sport on their ships. Hope this answer helps.

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Read the an option below and also answer the question. One open boat by alfred noyes o, what is the whimpering over there in the darkness? "let that lie in my arms. That is breathing, i know. Look. I"ll wrap all my hair ring his neck" – the sea"s rising, the watercraft must it is in lightened. He"s dead. He should go." watch - rapid - by that flash, where the bitterness foam tosses, the cloud the white faces, in the black open boat, and also the wild pleading woman the clasps she dead lover and also wraps her loosened hair ring his breast and also his throat. "come, lady, he"s dead." - "no, i feel his heart beating, he"s living, i know. But he"s numbed through the cold. See, i"m wrapping my hair all around him to warm him." -
- "no. We can"t save the dead, dear. Come, loosen your hold. "come. Loosen your fingers." - "o god, permit me save him! " - o, hide it, black night! let the winds have their way! and there room no voices or ghosts from that darkness, to worry the bare seas in ~ the break of day. The change in the poem’s rate in the critical stanza signifies a resolution to the problem that the city is a sonnet the speaker’s confusion an irregular luck scheme
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In this excerpt indigenous "dover beach" through matthew arnold, which 2 lines or set of lines suggest that the speaker has undergone a lose of faith? the sea of faith was once, too, at the full, and also round earth"s shore lay favor the wrinkle of a shining girdle furled. Yet now i only hear that is melancholy, long, withdrawing roar, retreating, come the breath the the night-wind, under the substantial edges drear and naked shingles of the world. Ah, love, let united state be true to one another! for the world, which appears to lie before us choose a floor of dreams, so various, therefore beautiful, so new, hath really neither joy, no one love, no one light, nor certitude, no one peace, nor because that pain; and also we are right here as on a darkling plain swept with confused alarms the struggle and flight, wherein ignorant armies clash through night.
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Reflect on a time as soon as a at sight or professor announced a change that you, the worker/student, walk not desire to adopt. What were the factors for her resistance to change? was the supervisor/professor maybe to get rid of your resistance? if so, call what he or she did. If not, call what the or she might have done that can have been successful.
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Identify facets of peril"s style. What words and phrases best suggest her perspective, or point of view, on pink think?