Chicago market Lori Lightfoot is a the majority of things. She the mayor. She a Democrat. She is ultra-liberal. She an open up lesbian. She is black. She is a lawyer. She’s pro-union, pro-abortion and also she is anti-cop.

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Lori Lightfoot is likewise unequivocally and undeniably a racist.

Wait! A black female lesbian is a racist? How can this be? The tendency media has conditioned us to believe people who room “woke” are wonderful people who believe in the great in others, and in virtue signaling and also who want nothing yet rainbow-colored unicorns that poop Neapolitan ice cream come inhabit the earth.

Well folks, the is all stuff the tendency media “thought-police” want you come believe about people who space “woke,” BLM activists, academics, union bums, and also other assorted liberals. It’s every bulls**t.

We have actually all been had actually in believing “woke” people and the media room actually out for truth, justice, equality, freedom, and also the American way. The truth is, wake up liberals and also the for free media don’t believe in any type of of that, and they room hypocrites whenever they talk about diversity and also inclusion. In reality, they adopt their own special kind of racism.

Case in point, on Tuesday, Lori Lightweight announced the she would cease offering media interviews to white journalists, preferring rather, come only provide one-on-one interviews come Black and also Brown members the the press.

Now maybe I am lacking something, or perhaps I am simply plain stupid, however how in the hell is that no blatant racism?

Just adjust the names for a moment and also imagine the outrage native the mainstream media if Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had actually announced that he would certainly only approve interviews come white journalists. He would certainly be referred to as a racist, a hater, a Klansman, and also all republicans in the nation would be grouped together and told they room bigots and component of the systemic racism in the nation who owe black reparations for stuff many of their ancestors did not do (own slaves) 150-plus years ago.

Meanwhile, some two-bit liberal black woman that looks favor a personality from the bar scene in the original Star battles movie says she will just be interviewed by Blacks and also Hispanics. However where is the media outrage? over there is none.

Why? because the media is complicit in the lie that is America is racist, and also that racism is systemic in all organizations in ours society. America isn’t racist. Yet the media loves racism due to the fact that it helps sell subscriptions, rises click-through rates, and also adds to TV rating points.

But what does Lightfoot’s statement, and also the media’s inaction really say? It states racism is fine. It states it is perfectly acceptable to tell who to go pound sand in the corner due to the fact that I don’t favor it since you space white. 

Unfortunately, what Lightweight, the media, and all the various other woke for free don’t understand is, it also says, you space not welcome to sit at my lunch respond to if you space Black, or Brown, or Jewish, or gay, transgender, or handicapped, or elderly, etc. The irony need to be shed on no one that a black color lesbian who is one outspoken supporter of every offended decimal on the earth is entirely fine telling white people that her government office will not attend to you due to the fact that of the shade of your skin, because it is a skin shade she personally deems unacceptable. The is racism.

I don’t believe institutional racism exist in America, however if the Lori Lightfoot’s that this civilization are enabled to command themselves in office in together an egregious racialism manner, institutionalized racism will end up being a reality, and it will be a two-way street that will certainly be of advantage to no one.

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As Jackie Gleason’s character Sheriff Buford T. Justice said in the movie Smokey and also the Bandit, “What the hell is the people coming to?”

This is the new reality that what the people has come to. And also you can thank the media for permitting it to happen. If Lori Lightfoot to be white, she would certainly be correct shamed into oblivion. But since she is a black color female lesbian, she check off all sorts the boxes because that the tendency media, and she knows she can not be touched.