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Latest conditions -Metric Units
73°F23°CFeels like 73°F 22.8°CHumidity 92%Wind SSE 5 MPH
Dew allude 70°FCeiling N/A
Solar Rad 0 w/m2Visibility 10 mi.
Barometer 29.94 in. 760.5 mm - Steady
Report native 1.3 miles NNE of main Killeen at 11:58 pm Mon, Oct 25, 2021

TueOct 2685°F
WedOct 2775°F
ThuOct 2873°F
FriOct 2973°F
Forecast Details
Day: largely cloudy. Highs approximately 85°F. South southeast wind 8 to 18 MPH, gusting to 25 MPH.
Night: partially cloudy with strong thunderstorms. Lows about 64°F. Southern southeast wind 11 come 18 MPH, gusting come 28 MPH. Opportunity of precipitation 100 percent. Brand-new precipitation quantities from one fifty percent to 3 quarters the an customs possible.
Wednesday Oct 27
Day: partially cloudy through isolated thunderstorms. Highs approximately 75°F. Windy, with a west southwest wind 10 to 21 MPH, gusting to 31 MPH. Chance of precipitation 30 percent. New precipitation amounts up come one 4 minutes 1 inch possible.
Night: Clear. Lows approximately 54°F. Northwest wind come 15 MPH, gusting to 26 MPH.
Thursday Oct 28
Day: Sunny. Highs around 73°F. Windy, with a northwest wind 16 to 24 MPH, gusting to 34 MPH.
Night: Clear. Lows roughly 51°F. North northwest wind 12 to 19 MPH, gusting to 27 MPH.
Friday Oct 29
Day: Sunny. Highs around 73°F. Windy, through a northwest wind 11 to 21 MPH, gusting to 29 MPH.
Night: Clear. Lows approximately 48°F. North northwest wind 6 come 11 MPH, gusting come 22 MPH.
Saturday Oct 30
Day: Sunny. Highs around 78°F. West southwest wind 7 to 13 MPH, gusting come 18 MPH.
Night: Clear. Lows approximately 52°F. Southern southeast wind to 10 MPH, gusting come 16 MPH.
Sunday Oct 31
Day: Sunny. Highs approximately 81°F. South wind 7 to 16 MPH, gusting come 23 MPH.
Night: greatly clear. Lows about 54°F. South southeast wind come 11 MPH, gusting to 16 MPH.
Monday Nov 1
Day: largely sunny. Highs approximately 80°F. Phibìc northwest wind 9 come 16 MPH, gusting to 21 MPH.

Sun & MoonMonthly
Morning Twilight7:16 AM
Waning Gibbous
Sunrise7:41 AM
Sunset6:48 PM
Evening Twilight7:13 PM

Contiguous United says Extremes
Mon"s High Temperature: 99 in ~ Zapata Tx and also Rio Grande town Tx
Mon"s short Temperature: 18 at 2 Miles south Of Brimson Mn

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