Lead(II) cyanide

CAS No. 592-05-2 thickness g/cm3
PSA 47.58000 LogP -0.12224
Solubility Melting suggest
Formula C2N2 Pb Boiling point °Cat760mmHg
Molecular weight 259.23 Flash point °C
Transport details appearance
safety and security toxicity by intraperitoneal route. Violent reaction v Mg. A fire hazard and a powerful oxidizer. Once heated come decomposition the emits really toxic fumes the Pb, CN−, and also NOx. See also LEAD COMPOUNDS and CYANIDE. threat Codes
Molecular framework
300)this.width=300;" onerror="javascript:this.src=""" border="0" alt="Molecular framework of 592-05-2 (Lead cyanide (Pb(CN)2)(6CI,7CI,8CI,9CI))" />
risk Symbols toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption. TLV: 0.15mg(Pb)/m3.

C.I. 77610;C.I. Colours Yellow 48

Lead(II) cyanide chemical Properties

Molecular structure of Lead(II) cyanide (CAS NO. 592-05-2):


EINECS:209-742-1 IUPAC Name:Dicyanolead molecular Formula: C2N2Pb molecular Weight: 259.234800 g/mol Polar surface Area: 47.58 Å2


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ipr-rat LDLo:100mg/kg

NCNSA6 nationwide Academy of Sciences, nationwide Research Council, Chemical-Biological Coordination Center, Review. 5 (1953),27.

Lead and its compounds, as well as cyanide and its compounds, room on the ar Right-To-Know List.

Safety details of Lead(II) cyanide (CAS NO. 592-05-2): RIDADR: 1620 HazardClass: 6.1(a) PackingGroup: II toxicity by intraperitoneal route. Violent reaction with Mg. A fire hazard and also a powerful oxidizer. Once heated to decomposition it emits very toxic fumes of Pb, CN−, and NOx. See additionally LEAD COMPOUNDS and also CYANIDE.

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OSHA PEL:TWA 0.05mg(Pb)/m3 ACGIH TLV:TWA 0.15mg(Pb)/m3 NIOSH REL:(Inorganic Lead) TWA 0.10mg(Pb)/m3 dot Classification:6.1; Label: Poison

Lead(II) cyanidewith cas registry number of 592-05-2 isa white to yellowish powder, also known asLead dicyanide ; Lead(II)cyanide ; Cyanure de plomb ; Cyanure de plomb ; C.I. Colours Yellow 48 ; lead cyanide (Pb(CN)2) ; UN1620 ; lead cyanide .

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