What is the meaning of marginal​ utility?The legislation of diminishing marginal utility suggests thatMarginal energy is an ext useful than total utility in consumer decision make because
The adjust in energy from consuming secondary unit that a great or service.consumers endure diminishing added satisfaction together they consume more of a good or service.optimal decisions room made in ~ the margin.

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A budget​ constraint:The preeminence of same marginal utility per dissension spent argues that consumer maximize utility by
indicates the restricted amount of income obtainable to consumer to spend on goods and services.equalizing the marginal energy per dissension spent throughout goods and services.
it alters the relative price that the product resulting in a substitution effect and also at the exact same time it transforms the purchasing power of the buyer leading to an income impact as well.
In deciding in between consuming an ext goods currently or saving​ money, consumers should do which of the​ following?
Choose an quantity of existing spending on goods and savings so that the marginal energy per disagreement of both room equal.
Explain just how a​ downward-sloping need curve outcomes from consumers adjusting their consumption selections to alters in price.
When the price of a good declines​, the proportion of the marginal utility to price rises​, leading consumer to buy much more of that good.
How walk the reality that consumers supposedly value fairness impact the decisions that businesses​ make?
A agency is occurring a new advertising​ campaign, and also it is considering utilizing a celebrity to endorse that product. Space celebrity endorsements reliable at increasing consumer​ demand?Celebrity endorsements space typically
In the presence of​ shortages, why would certainly a​ firm, such together a restaurant with world waiting for a table or a theater with world waiting for a​ ticket, not raise prices once doing so would certainly seem to increase​ profits?
Increasing prices might be viewed as unfairIncreasing prices might be seen as unfair.Increasing prices can eliminate the shortage as well as the product"s viewed popularityIncreasing prices might eliminate the shortage and the product"s viewed popularity.
What happens once network externalities are​ present?What happens when intake of a product is path​ dependent?
The usefulness that a product boosts with the variety of consumers who use it.The cost of switching to a product v a better technology offers the product with the initial modern technology an advantage.
situations in which human being make options that execute not appear to be financially rational.ignoring nonmonetary opportunity​ costs, failing to neglect sunk​ costs, and being overly optimistic about the future.

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Anchoring is relating a worth to some other well-known valueA firm deserve to use anchoring to affect consumer choices so as to increase sales by marking
even if the second value is irrelevant.a high​ "regular price" top top a​ product, which provides the discounted​ "sale price" appear to it is in a bargain.
What explanation could an economist provide why some people smoke cigarettes once such habits can cause health​ consequences?Some civilization likely exhilaration cigarettes because