What is a slip Sheet?

A Slip paper is a slim sheet of heavy-duty paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or plastic offered as a fill support maker for shipping palletized material. Slip sheets are commonly placed between a pallet and the palletized product to prevent palletized commodities from incurring damages during storage, handling, and also shipping.

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For numerous years corrugated fiberboard was the material of an option for slip sheet convertors and their customers. However, corrugated has end up being increasingly expensive, daunting to ship economically, and challenging to save in huge quantities. The availability of high strength, cheap paperboard has actually rendered the corrugated sheet almost obsolete. Southern Packaging is proud to offer a new alternative to classic corrugated the is guaranteed to save your firm money, space, and time.

Why execute I require a on slide sheet?

Slip sheets protect bagged and also boxed materials against punctures and tears resulted in by pallet nails and also deck boards. In addition, the high stamin paperboard fibers serve as a moisture-resistant barrier between the ground and also your product avoiding mold and mildew.

Weighing as little as 1 pound, solitary face paperboard on slide sheets are solid enough to support tons up to 4,000lbs. We recommend making use of slip sheets for every FIBC, multi-wall paper, and poly bag shipments.

Why you have to never use a corrugated slip paper again: The advantages of Paperboard on slide Sheets


The advantages of paperboard end corrugated space clear. Transitioning from corrugated to solitary face paperboard saves you money, space, and also time.

Why You should Use Paperboard on slide Sheets

Saves Money

In general, paperboard on slide sheets are 30% less expensive than traditional corrugated. Transportation costs per paper are additionally significantly improved as result of the density of the pallet unit.

Saves Space

A typical pallet unit of corrugated slip sheets only has 300 pieces, vice versa, a pallet unit that paperboard includes 2,000 sheets. In other words, you deserve to expect to get practically 7x the variety of sheets on a pallet vs. Corrugated. A full truckload that paperboard sheets will contain as much as 40,000 pieces.

Save Time

Many of ours customers utilize automated tools for placing a sheet on a pallet. Increasing the number of sheets every pallet enables operators to spend much less time replacing sheets in the sheet placing machine.


What is a Paperboard Slip paper Made Of?

Paperboard comes in a selection of types. Each form is do from numerous layers of hard kraft record pressed with each other under high heat and pressure. Common species include chipboard, solid unbleached sulfate (SUS), and also newsback kraft. Every board form contains recycle material. Sheets can be clay coated for added moisture resistance.

How much deserve to I suppose to pay for a paperboard on slide sheet?

The cost of a slip sheet counts on several factors including board type, thickness, and also size. Prices for the most typical sizes and styles selection from $.40 - $.75 each. A pallet of slip sheets generally consists of 2,000 pieces.

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Do You require Slip Sheets?

Southern Packaging share a considerable supply on-demand on slide sheets in a wide range of sizes and also styles. Contact a member that our proficient sales team today.