As you come to be a more experienced runner, girlfriend may begin to forget the basics and pick up bad habits.

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On the upper and lower reversal side, you might be new to running and also need some tips and tricks to allude you in the best direction.

In this article, we will talk about what shoes to operation in, setup goals, utilizing the correct running form, and also much more. By the moment you’ve finished reading, you’re going to it is in a to run expert.

Just kidding…

Becoming a running professional takes a most practice; however, you’ll recognize what is necessary to remember once running.

1. You need Some badass Running Shoes


If you want to take running seriously, you must first get you yourself a pair that high-quality running shoes.

A great pair of running shoes will administer cushioning, rise stability, and aid prevent any kind of unnecessary injuries.

In addition, depending upon the atmosphere you’re going to be to run in, you may need various shoes. Because that example, if you going to be to run on the beach, then a pair of barefoot running shoes space your finest bet.

On the flip side, if you’re running on concrete, you’ll desire to watch for to run shoes with an excellent cushioning, to aid soften the impact.

By currently you’re probably wondering what shoes are the finest for running. Well, that counts on preference; however, if I had to choose, I would say the Brooks Ghost 13 (Affiliate Link) is in ~ the peak of mine list.

Let’s take it a an ext in-depth look at them below…

The Brooks Ghost 13 is one of the most famous running shoes on the industry in 2021. It’s a unisex shoe, especially designed because that running and high affect activities.

The soft cushioning way you’ll have the ability to run on the toughest surfaces without experiencing any type of discomfort.

In addition, this shoes have an incorporated segmented crash pad that absorbs shock, helping protect against injuries.

Alongside these good benefits, these shoes will also fit perfect on her feet thanks to the freshly engineered mesh.

Overall, they space the perfect pair of running shoes because that both proficient runners and also people new to running — they i will not ~ let you down.

2. Continue to be Hydrated

Did you recognize that as much as 60% that the human body is comprised of water?

Crazy right?

That’s why it’s essential to continue to be hydrated, especially when running. If friend fail to hydrate, you’ll have actually less energy and also won’t have the ability to perform at your best.

Furthermore, remaining hydrated comes with a variety of benefits. Let’s take it a look in ~ them below.

Keeps her body cool – as soon as you’re out there clocking miles, her body will come to be hot. To store it cool, it’s crucial to drink water.Muscle and joint health – If you’ve been to run for a while, I’m certain you’ve competent cramp and muscle pain. Walk you know staying hydrated have the right to actually avoid this?Energy – Considering her body is made up primarily the water, it wouldn’t be strange come think the your water usage is straight related to your energy levels; therefore, if she lacking energy when running, try to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Okay, so now you understand why water is a wonder liquid, that time come talk about the best way to lug it once running.

To carry water, you’re going to need a water bottle; however, no all water bottles are built equal.

For example, some come through a pouch the you have the right to strap onto her hand, meaning you won’t have actually to bring it when running.

On the other hand, most water bottles don’t include this good perk.


If you’re serious around running, then i recommend gaining the Nathan SpeedShot to add (Affiliate Link). It’s fully equipped with a strap the fits chop to your hand, so girlfriend don’t need to grip it once running.

Furthermore, that insulated and also will save your water cooler for up to 20% longer than other brands.

To amount it up, this water bottle is a good addition to any runner toolkit and also will critical you a long time. It also comes through a insurance in instance it malfunctions; however, the opportunity of the happening is fairly slim.

3. Take it It Slow

First, I want to point out that acquisition it sluggish doesn’t average running once a week for 10 minutes and also expecting insane results.

I’m talking about planning your running schedule so the you’re running enough, however not sufficient to damaged yourself.

A usual thing I view is human being who are new to running telling me exactly how they’re walking to operation 10 mile on their an initial day. Together you may have guessed, this never works out well.

It normally ends through said person quitting halfway through and never putting a pair of running shoes ~ above again.

You want to make certain you’re advertise yourself, without reasoning you can run a marathon after ~ a mainly of training.

4. Track her Progress

It’s simple to put on her running shoes, grab some water, and hit the roadway for a collection amount of time.

While this technique works as a beginner, if you desire to progress as fast as possible, then you must be tracking your progress each week.

For example, if you’ve to be tracking your running and also know girlfriend ran 20 miles last week, then aiming for 22 mile the following week will help you progress lot faster. Not only that, yet seeing your progress rise each mainly will aid keep girlfriend motivated.

But how do girlfriend track your progress?

The best way to execute it is by investing in a smartwatch it is designed because that running. Among the ideal on the market is the Garmin Forerunner 245 (Affiliate Link). It allows you to measure up your development from week come week, so you know which locations you need to progress in.

You can also sync your Spotify music come the Garmin Forerunner 245. Simply attach your headphones, madness a few buttons, and you’ll have access to all her favorite songs.

If that wasn’t enough, this watch can likewise see if you’re overperforming or underperforming; therefore why they contact it a ‘smart’ watch.

5. Make certain You’re utilizing The exactly Form

Using the incorrect running kind is a good way to usage a ton the unnecessary energy while injuring yourself in the process.

It’s a bit complicated to describe how to use the correct to run form, for this reason to do it easier, let’s rest it into body parts.


You might think her head isn’t vital when running; however, that’s no the case.

It’s crucial part of your running type that will affect your power levels if neglected.

You need to keep your head up and facing forward. Spring at her feet as soon as running is a quick means to run right into something and also injure yourself.

Ideally, her eyes must be looking in ~ the ground about 20 feet in front of you.


Your arms must be bent in ~ a 90-degree angle and also be at belt level.

If you’re brand-new to running, when you gain tired, you will do it probably carry your arms up to your chest — get rid of this poor habit as shortly as possible. That will reason tension in her shoulders and also deplete girlfriend of energy real fast.

Furthermore, her arms should have a natural back and soon swing when running. In addition, make sure your arms never ever cross the centre of your body.

Also, store your hands nice and also relaxed.


From the belt up, her posture should be as straight as possible; however, this doesn’t median you should tense her body to keep straightness. Just don’t gain fatigued and also begin leaning forwards or backward, together it will just restrict your breathing, making you an ext tired.

6. Stretch Afterwards

You may hear world saying it’s much better to stretch before a exercise to avoid injuries…

Not true.

Stretching before a exercise weakens her muscles, do you much more prone come injury.


That doesn’t median you shouldn’t warm up before a workout.

Many people don’t understand that there are different ways to gain your muscle engaged and also prepared because that exercise various other than stretching.

Your ideal bet is to execute a dynamic extending routine before you collection off for your run.

This will assist prevent injuries and prepare her muscles because that running.

Here’s a great dynamic warmup because that running…

Once you have finished her run, now’s the moment to incorporate some stretching into your routine.

Stretching ~ a exercise is well-known to increase blood flow, help your muscles recuperate faster, and prevent soreness.

I likewise seem to uncover that ns only get injuries if i don’t stretch after running which isn’t a coincidence.

So nothing skip this step, it’s much more important 보다 you think!

7. Hear To Some great Music

There are two types of people in the running World…

People that listen to music once running.

And civilization who don’t.

If she like most people, climate you know music is a good addition to a run. Not only does it sound great, however it comes v some good benefits.

One of this is that it help block pain signal from her brain, permitting you to keep running also when you fatigued.

So if you’re struggling come break with a to run plateau, invest in part high-quality headphones and also watch the magic happen.

Your best bet is acquiring some headphones that actually remain on your head…

Yes, that method leaving the Airpods at home.

I can’t put into words exactly how annoying those things are once you’re trying to gain a run and also they save falling out.

I recommend getting the Razer Opus energetic Noise Cancelling Headphones (Affiliate Link). They room wireless and also offer an excellent support as soon as running.

Alternatively, you can let the power of nature overview your runs; i m sorry is what I like to carry out from time come time.

Music is good, but sometimes it’s good to revolve off the music and also be fully present.


I hope these to run hacks have actually helped you know what is vital to remember once running.

If you follow the measures outlined above, her runs should become more enjoyable and you have to see weekly improvements.

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If friend have any kind of questions, feel complimentary to autumn a comment listed below this article and also I will get ago to friend as quickly as possible.