In ancient Scandinavia and also Germanic Europe a mead room or feasting room was simply a large building with a solitary room. From the 5th century to beforehand medieval time together a structure was the residence of a lord and also his men with the mead hall generally being the good hall the the king. In this hall, the king would certainly treat his guests v superb hospitality. Mead, ale, and food were noted as well together water and cloths to to wash one’s face and also hands.

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“Water and towels and welcoming speechShould he uncover who comes, to the feast; If renown he would certainly get, and also again be greeted, Wisely and well should he act. -Havamal”

From at the very least the 10th century onward in norse mythology, over there are numerous examples of halls where the dead might arrive. The best known example is Valhalla, the hall where Odin receives half of the dead shed in battle. Freya, in turn, receives the other half at Sessrumnir.

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The story of beowulf (Bee wolf)includes a Mead-Hall called Heorot that was so huge and had actually so lot attendant laughter that the monstrous troll Grendel damaged in and also slaughtered the noisemakers. So as you see the mead room is very old and is set in tradition, custom, and also myth. 

Now, back to modern-day times…

We in ~ The Brimming Horn Meadery have actually taken the old strategy to our business. Due to the fact that we are in the business of hospitality by offering the delicious nectar of the god to drink, we require to expand the same kind of superb hospitality as the old kings. We share the old world view of our ancestors and we will certainly make sure our mead room is a place to feeling safe, as a ar for ours guests and customers to it is in treated v the utmost care, and also to check out that their needs are met. If us fail to display our guest the best hospitality we have the right to give, us fail together a business. Us want people to feel welcome, to feel a part of our business, and to enjoy their time in the mead hall. Hospitality renders strangers friends, friends right into family, and family into community. Hospitality is the foundation stone upon which our culture was constructed on in the job of old and also must it is in the structure of our business if we intend to build it to last for the future. 

As crucial as the is to be a good host, that as also important to it is in a great guest. Similar to all healthy relationships when good is given, good is returned. Over there is a mutual gift that what you provide out will certainly be changed with friendship,wealth, community and also a good reputation. Your mead hall will be a location point, a ar of great drink, fun and also memories.Jon TalkingtonMead Maker/OwnerBrimming Horn Meadery

“All that a gift might do, food and also drink could also bring about; it can mean honour or dishonour, can bind and loose, give great fortune and also act together a cheek top top luck.” -Gronbech