That’s an interesting question. Merpeople are thought that as half fish, half human.

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If mermaids to be fish, a team of them would certainly be called a school.

If they were classed as humans, they’d be referred to as a tribe.

But probably they’re sea mammals, comparable to dolphins, wherein a team of lock are referred to as pods.

Manatees are, after all, what sailors once mistook together mermaids. Therefore it would certainly make feeling to contact them similar to a group of manatees – one aggregation.

But if they to be Australian, they’d be dugongs. And also so, a team of a dugongs is called a herd.

So, what perform you think a team of Merpeople space called?

Let’s count your votes.

1. Herd.

2. Aggregate.

3. Pod.

4. School.

5. Tribe.

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2 think on “What do you speak to a team ofmermaids?”

Jacques says:

I think an aggregate or Agregation is rather suitable. I have looked v several other website and also of course, you gain the sillies which carry out no answers on the ground that they don’t exist. Firstly the ocean is huge and many types of creatures exist that we have neither watched nor have actually names because that them, ns am not saying that they exist in genuine life yet they do exist in literature and therefore should additionally be established by literaries.



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