Students will have the ability to describe the effects of continuous warfare on old Greek civilizationStudents will be able to describe just how Athens prospered under the dominance of Pericles

Key state to Know

Directions: look up each term in her textbook (pages 144-146) and define every in her Social research studies Notebook.

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Sparta go not sign up with the Delian League and did not become component of the Athenian Empire. Together the Athenian empire grew rich and powerful, other city-states started to distrust them. Sparta led the fight versus Athens. Athens and Sparta saw war in 431 BC.

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The battle lasted 25 years.

Peloponnesian War

During the very first years the the war moved slowlyAthens relocated its people inside the city wallsAthenian army was wealthy and also well safeguarded behind your wallsSpartans walk not have actually an marine so Athenians were totally free to sail around and get suppliesThe overcrowding within the city walls brought about the spread out of a deadly disease- 1/3 the the populace was killed, consisting of PericlesSparta do a deal with the Persian empire to progressive money to build a navy- they offered up are in Asia MinorIn 405 BC the Spartan navy ruined the Athenian fleetAthens surrendered the complying with yearSparta damaged up the Athenian Empire

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Peloponnesian War

After the War:

All Greek city-states were weakened by the warMany casualtiesFarms were destroyedThe war made it complicated for the Greeks to to trust each other and made future unification almost impossible

Sparta tried their hand in ~ ruling every one of Greece but more rebellions resulted in more wars. War weakened the Greek city-states and made them fragile to assault from international invaders.

Ask Yourself

Why would Spartans shot to rule all of Greece after beating yet an additional empire?Why perform you think it to be so an overwhelming for Spartans and Athenians to gain along?What would have to adjust in order for the Spartans and Athenians get along?


Look earlier at the previous lessons in ~ the wars dealt with by the GreeksCompare and contrast the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian WarLook in ~ the strategies usedLook at the strengths and also weaknessesLook in ~ the causesCreate a Venn diagram to existing your findings

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