Explanation: A chair is an object which has four legs. It is offered for the purpose of sit on it. The legs the a chair cannot walk they are fixed.

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Then, which animal has legs yet can"t walk?


Subsequently, inquiry is, what deserve to fly however Cannot walk? an aeroplane. Aeroplanes deserve to fly, they take off, they land, they taxi into a runway, they role - but never walk.

maintaining this in view, what has 4 legs but doesn"t walk?

obtain the answer | Riddles. Tips. What has four legs, but can"t walk? In a lake, over there is a job of lily pads.

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What has actually feet that follow a line yet Cannot walk?

Answer: A yardstick.

What has teeth but can"t bite? A comb. Various other inanimate objects v teeth prefer a saw, zipper or a equipment can “bite” you. It"s a rare occasion that anyone would certainly be hurt by a comb.
Birds, bats, moths and butterflies can fly. Also some lizards, snakes, fish and squirrels can glide under manage toward the ground, which is no the very same thing together falling. Reinwardt"s paris frog “flies” without wings through Southeast oriental rainforests.
Explanation: Towel gets wetter and also wetter the an ext it dries since we usage that towel which is dried after used.
Riddle: What always runs however never walks, often murmurs, never ever talks, has a bed however never sleeps, has actually a mouth but never eats? Answer: A river.
Like kangaroos, emus are from Australia. They space flightless birds comparable in looks and characteristics come ostriches, despite they average around 10 inches shorter in height. Unequal ostriches,emus cannot walk backwards; however, it"s not well-known why.
Potatoes, needles and some species of storms are all points that have eyes but can"t see. Potatoes are covered in little "eyes" that aren"t yes, really eyes in ~ all. Instead, they are buds. Under certain conditions, the eyes will certainly wake up and produce sprouts.
Question: A thousand wheels, however move I execute not. Contact me what ns am, contact me a lot. Answer: A parking lot or garage.
re-superstructure This Riddle Question: just how do you do the number one disappear by including to it? Answer: add the letter "G" and also it"s "Gone".
Sometimes is written with 9 letters, and then through 4. Rarely consists of 6, and never is written with 5. Answer: Correct, words "what" has 4 letters in it, "yet" has three, "sometimes" has 9, "then" has actually 4, "rarely" has 6, and also "never" has actually 5.
Q: What is black and also white and red every over? The timeless answer, which relies upon the identical pronunciation of the words "red" and also "read", is: A: A newspaper. Alternative answers come the riddle exist, wherein red is supplied as a color, parodying the canonical form of the riddle.