What famous example of Byzantine architecture has been both a Christian church and a mosque?a. Milionb. Hippodromec. Basilica Cisternd. Hagia Sophia

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A famous example of Byzantine architecture that has been both a church and a mosque is the Hagia Sophia.

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by TomCruiseEmulous of fame (first)
New Market has employed Aryan Kumar to manage and maintain their networking architecture and wide area connectivity
Which one of the following physiographic units has been created by both exogenic and endogenic forces?
A small group of people are all standing around a two-foot tall, empty, wooden container. Two women approach the group carrying a silver container, which they place inside the wooden container. No one complains about the quarter-sized hole in the side of the wooden object. A Z-shaped piece of metal is then attached to both the silver and wooden containers, and one-at-a-time, the members of the small group take turns grasping the Z-shaped piece of metal and moving their hands in a circular motion. When one tires of this, another person takes over, and this is repeated numerous times. Finally, a heavy group member places his foot on top of the Z-shaped object, while a final group member performs a few last circular motions. After this, the top of the silver container is removed, and an objec
Mr. Steve lives in a mansion. He is very rich. He"s so rich that he has a maid, a cook, a butler, and a lifeguard. Yesterday, Mr. Steve was found dead. The chief detective was coming from Sunday church to investigate. The police were already there. They caught 6 suspects. The maid, the butler, the cook, the lifeguard, the postman, and Mrs. Steve. The maid said she was dusting. The butler said he was playing a board game with Mr. Steve"s sons. The cook said he was making dinner. The lifeguard said he was watching Mr. Steve"s daughter swim in the pool. The postman said he was delivering mail. Mrs. Steve said she was watching TV. Who is lying? You only have one chance because if you choose incorrectly, you accuse the wrong person and the true killer gets away.
A world-famous magician and his young assistant were observed walking slowly along in a department store when suddenly they both stopped walking and began to slowly rise from the floor. The two continued to rise majestically until they had reached a height of 20 feet. Numerous store customers and a security guard witnessed the event, but no one seemed shocked by what they had seen, and no report of the occurrence ever reached the news media. The secrets of magic are not supposed to be revealed, but how would you speculate the magician and his assistant accomplished this feat, and why didn’t the onlookers express amazement?
Billy and Sally set out on a journey to visit a famous castle, but they both forgot to bring any food, water, or money with them. At the onset of their trip, they saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky which they considered to be a good omen. Fortunately for them, along the way, they found some friendly individuals who offered them some high-calorie treats to eat --- gumdrops and peanut brittle being two examples. At one dangerous point in their journey, they had to pass through a swamp, but fortunately, no alligators were seen. Finally, they arrived at the castle, and after a brief visit there, they left the castle, went to a nearby eatery, and had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. Where in the world was this famous castle located?
I"m like a doll, But I"m not for playing; I stand up straight, but if windy I may be laying; I"m well-known and famous for having no brain; I work outside both day and night in sunshine or in rain. What am I?
19. Which famous work of literature opens with these lines? “Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene…”

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