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13. Have fun : re FLECT ion (re flek’ shun) n.These ROOT-WORDS are FLECT & FLEX from the Latin, flectere, to bend . Roots which combine easily with other ones room the many interesting. This one with its assorted spellings is one of these. The word list provided eighteen words to combine with FLEX, FLECT & FLICK and every combination makes a an excellent word which you can easily make friend own.

Following is a perform of words based upon the Flect source word:1. Flex: to bend; as, to flex the eight 2. Flexible: able to bend 3. Flexibility: quality of being able to bend 4. Texile: Flexible; tractable; as, a flexile nature 5. Flection: The action of bending 6. Flexor: A muscle which serves to bend a limb 7. Flexuose: Relaxed; adaptable; not rigid 8. Flexuous: Having many bends, turns 9. Genuflection: The bending that the knee 10. Deflect: bending away; as, deflect the missile indigenous its target 11. Inflection: The rise and fall of the voice, as, the inflammation of his voice 12. Reflect: Turn back and forth in the mind; as, to reflect on an idea 13. Reflection: picture thrown back; as, a enjoy in a mirror 14. Reflexive: Bent ago on itself; as, a reflexive pronoun 15. Reflective: kind 16. Reflector: the which shows light 17. Circumflexion: A bending around and around

The role of this tendon is come flex the foot in ~ the fetlock.11 words To use If You speak “Sorry” too Often

The Latin source word spir means “breathe.” This root is the word beginning of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including inspire, respiration, and also expire.

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The source spir is easily recalled via the word perspiration, that is, sweat in the plot of “breathing” with the pores of your skin.The Greek source arch way “rule.” This Greek source is the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, consisting of matriarch, patriarch, and oligarchy. The root arch is quickly recalled via the word anarchy, i m sorry is a period of time in which over there is no “rule” at every in a country.